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Fb Auto Liker [Get Unlimited Facebook likes Easily]

Facebook auto likes mean that you use a free or paid service which will give you the instant huge amount of likes. If you are not too social then it means that you will not receive many likes in your Facebook photo/status/videos. That means that you will have to satisfy with a small amount of likes. But if you wants to get more and more likes then you should follow this tutorial.

Auto likes service can be used through mobile, all you should have is a good browser like Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Here I am using Windows mobile with Microsoft Edge.

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Facebook Auto Likes Working Method: is- Facebook auto like are vice-versa method, this means that likes received to your pic/status etc. is real likes from different users worldwide. There is an app called HTC Sense or something similar like this which will have access to use your account to like others pics etc. Means when you use auto liker service then this app will be login with your Facebook account and can be used any time. So you have to remove that app from your Facebook account after using auto likes. Click link below to learn how to use that.
Here is a tutorial which will show you how to use Facebook auto liker service.

Step 1:

First of all you have to visit to “ Hublaa”. it’s a tested website by us and works well in terms of facebook auto liker service. There are too many websites available and Hublaa Liker it’s a tested website by me and works well in terms of auto liker service. There are too many websites available on web but this one is also good one.

Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook

Now you will see there is options saying “Click Here To Generate Token” etc.

Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook Status, Pics and Videos

This is the process to give permission to auto liker app which will be installed in your account as I told you above. Generating access token is very time consuming process and you can use “Alternative Login” this method will automatically perform all the formalities to have access to auto liker service and it’s safe to use

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unlimited Likes On Facebook Status, Pics

Step 2:

Now enter your “Email-ID” and “Password” and click on “Login”

Now you will see a security code. Put that in box and click “Continue”. You will see a page with all the services which is available at that website.

facebook auto liker

Step 3:

Now click on “Autoliker” and you will see next page showing all of your photos etc. on Facebook. Just select the amount of likes and country location.

facebook auto liker

Step 4:

Now click submit and you will receive all the amount of likes you have set. You can also select Videos, Status, Custom ID to gain likes on uploads accordingly your needs.

facebook auto liker

Step 5:

Check your photo/status on which you apply auto likes.

Note: – Using  Autoliker tools violate Facebook terms and use this method on your own risk or your account may get into trouble. Also the app which gets added to your Facebook account uses your account to give likes to other users of Hublaa.me website so remove that app after using this Autoliker tool.

If you Follow these above steps then you can easily Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook Status, Pics and Videos

Note : – Use this service on your own risk. Using this service might harm your Facebook account.

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