How To Become a Computer Programmer

become a great computer programmer

The Question of Becoming a Programmer is all about what it takes, the effort will be yours but the guidance is something we can provide. The conceptual threads about to become a programmer or to become a computer programmer are surely not clear in your mind so that you are wondering how to!!.

If you are assured to build your career on computer programming then you probably need to watch go from scratch to get a better understanding of what you will be going through in future and what effort it’s gonna take.  But before that, you probably need to know some basic Q&A about this stream, these question has probably raised in your mind if you ever thought of really getting into it.

Who is Programmer?

who is a programmer in computer science

In a simple way, a programmer is a person who does programming. In other words, a programmer has such programming skills by which he can develop Software and applications for the variety of platforms. A programmer can also be known as a Computer programmer, Software developer, web developer, Coder, software engineer, database developer, system analyst, and database administrator also. So to become any of these you need to learn and gain pretty good knowledge of programming to perform the desired programmer work in future.

Where it all starts!

Doesn’t matter if you are currently going through your high school studies or going to start your Bachelor’s study. If you already aware of this programming term and have done some programming work by yourself before then it always gives you benefit to learn in future in more convenient and understandable way, so you can cover-up much faster than others.

Let’s have a look from scratch to get you better from in programming field so that you will not gonna miss an opportunity for the first time.

Look for the Computer studies from high school education or previous.

If you are in high school and interested in programming field and wanna to become a computer programmer then you should do this:

  • Look for classes of programming you can get in your high school education if they have given any optional subject of programming in high school then go for the programming subject always.
  • library computer studyTry to get as many as resources possible, including the books from the library which are related to programming and from the internet too. The difference between the books of programming and internet resources about programming is that you will find out that the internet resources are crap sometimes, only if you look for more than twice websites which are not related to programming. Whereas the books are having a complete explanation for the problematic situation you may get while going through those programming learning. So, only choose good once and trusted programming tutorials website.
  • binary screenProgramming is more about logic, which includes mathematics. So do consider focus on math as well which includes algebra, trigonometry, and geometry.

Get Ready to choose the stream of Programming for Bachelor’s Degree

If you are ready to do your college studies or about to do your bachelor’s degree then you need to go for choosing computer science stream. Because if you are about to join the industry of programming or even starting your own once then you needed to show the world that you actually have the degree of what you are doing. Computer science is not limited since the world in on full of automation now. This process of automation which can only be possible because of Artificial intelligence. The AI cannot be possible because of such programming algorithms which are implemented into the robots who are doing our work.

Choosing the stream of computer science for your bachelor’s degree will show you the real light of programming area. During your course, you will learn a lot about programming languages, the fundamentals, and concepts of each and every line of the code you will write.

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You will learn the programming languages like C, C++, Java, Visual basic which are the very common programming languages that every university does provide for the syllabus. However, you will definitely get the opportunity there to learn more languages like for web development such as HTML which is one of the standard markup languages for web pages, CSS which gives looks for those HTML pages, Javascript to make most interactive dynamic web pages, PHP, Python, Ruby and so on including database languages like MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, dBase, FoxPro etc. The thing is that whatever language you are gonna learn in your feature if you have cleared all your concept about any basic programming language, then you will find out other languages much easier to learn.

But here is a thing though, you might not be interested in all programming languages if you interested in a particular programming stream. Because if you belongs to computer science stream then you can be any of them, you can be a Software developer, Database developer, web developer, system administrator or other. So, you need to find out first which specialized or specific stream of computer science you wanna work on.

We have post an article about highest paying computer science jobs in which you can have a look to learn type of jobs or categories under computer science.

Tips to become a Good Programmer

  • Programming is not about typing an algorithm or just coding for getting a task done. It’s more of analyzing the process to apply the concept and make the desired product to get the task done. So, always keeps on getting new ways in programming to do a particular task instead of following a traditional simple way, because if you really have cleared the concepts then you can even make the process much smoother and optimized way.
  • Try doing work in a group, because working in a group make more ideas comes in your mind when every one of them shares the technique of their fast working. So doing this in a group or even having a discussion about the work will definitely give you a lot more ideas on how to do the work in an optimised way in every sense.
  • Freelancing is another way you can be more familiar and fast while joining the programming stream as a profession. To become a freelance programmer you can try out the sites like Fiverr and other and work through the internet or even meet someone in person to do the freelance project.
  • Always be patience: To build a successful career in this programming/computer science field where most of the times your tedious work can bother you more than you thought. Even its a programming platform where you are always into writing new codes for new products, and you can get lots of errors and warnings in your code which you can’t easily figure out for the first time. So doing it again and again and not finding out the error/bug in your code can be something on that point when you reached your patience limit. But always remind yourself that the patience is the key of success here.

How long Does it Take to Become a Great Computer Programmer

become a great computer programmer

This question, you can ask yourself because even after completion of your bachelor’s degree you can’t be that much good on your programming skills. So, to become a great computer programmer you need to be devoted yourself to this. Its all your efforts, and the lot more you give into this, you will get the results in return. And also you know that programming needs more practice so again, practice and patience is the great key to success. Never lose hope, try it as harder as you can.

However, In an Official or Standard way since the times you got your bachelors or masters degree in computer science you will be officially known as a Programmer and you can start a career as a programmer.


This Explanation of how to become a programmer is a rough theory of what and how it should be done in a standard way. But it always is better to work and focus on a specialized stream under computer science and put all your efforts into it to actually do something in future.