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How To Convert Powerpoint To PDF

Using the PowerPoint presentation software, we can make presentation slides easily with a lot of features. It’s really one of the powerful software to make slides and we can add video to PowerPoint presentation and all other media files. This helps us to make the presentation more informative and our presentation becomes powerful and rich. The format of PowerPoint presentation is .ppt and it can only be opened with the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation software. If you want to send the information inside the slides to your client then your client must have PowerPoint installed in their system otherwise they won’t be able to open it and can’t view the information inside the presentation. Not all the time you want to run the presentation as sometimes you just want to read and view the content written on the slides. This can only be done if you convert PowerPoint to PDF. in this article, we’ve shown the complete process on how to convert PowerPoint to PDF.

PowerPoint has its own inbuilt export feature which allows users to export the PowerPoint to PDF format. This is a very powerful feature of powerpoint as there’s no need to download the external software to do this conversion. Users who have PPT and the presentation software can open the PPT with it and can start the conversion job. But, users who have .PPT file but don’t have the software to open it can use some of the online tools. There are many free services providing this conversion of PPT to PDF. We’ve shown both the methods in this article. We can even¬†print powerpoint with notes¬†which is really a cool feature. You should really check the process to do this.

How To Convert PowerPoint To PDF Using Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Open the presentation you want to convert to the PDF.
  2. Then click on the File option and then choose Export.
  3. Now, make sure that you’ve selected Create PDF Document and then choose to Create PDF to convert powerpoint to pdf
  4. Now, a dialogue box will appear, browse the location where you want to save the presentation as PDF.
  5. Enter the file name and click on Save. make sure you’ve selected PDF in the file type drop-down menu.convert powerpoint to pdf

This is the process to convert your PowerPoint presentation to PDF using the PowerPoint software itself. There’s no need to use the third party application or web application to do this conversion job.

But, users who don’t have Presentation software installed on their system should follow our next method.

Convert PowerPoint To PDF Online

  1. Visit the website here:
  2. Now, click on the Choose file, browse the PPT file and wait until the PPT upload is complete.
  3. After this, you’ll get the conversion process on your screen. It’ll take few seconds for the conversion.
  4. Once the conversion is done, you’ll get the download link for the file. Your PPT has converted to PDF now.
  5. Download and save the file for the future use.

This is the complete guide to convert PowerPoint to PDF. We’ve shown two ways to do this. The process is very simple and quick and if you’re having some problems or have some queries ten comments down below and we’ll reply you soon with a working solution to your problem.

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