How To DDoS [Using CMD and Tool] – Explained

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When it comes to Security then you need to be very punctual about the safety of your system. You can not say that you are safe by only comparing with old measurements/resources which make your system safe. Hacking enthusiasts are always up to finding new ways to crack the security and enter the system. To really get the idea of what exactly to do next, instead of following old security tips, you need to actually know the process so you can better determine and apply desired changes.

If you are familiar with the term website hacking then you probably know that term DDOS. And this is one of that kind of attack seen usually on the internet nowadays. And we are about to tell you how to DDoS but before you need to clearly know what this is about:

What is DDoS?

DDoS, which is stands for Distributed Denial Of Service and has a huge effect on the internet and its users. It is simply focused on overwhelming the server or system by using various methods to shut down the system. When talking about websites then attacker makes a huge network or bots to send a request to your site server to the maximum of its capacity so the legit users can’t access the site. A DDoS attack can crash the whole site badly. It can be a type of blitzkrieg, DNS server amplification or other types. The force to shut down the system/server or keep it busy as much as possible to prevent the real users to access can be done in more than one manner. And it totally depends on server capacity for how much requests you need to send a single time to make this happen. Usually, a shared server crash easily whereas to perform an attack on VPS or dedicated server is way too difficult and you really need a superbly broad network or bots and environment to make this happen.

To Perform DDoS attack you need to go through these simple steps. We will give you a brief idea on how to DDoS a server. Let’s take a look at below steps explanation:

As we already said that this attack can be performed in various manners, you can also use a different method but here we are running this process using a software as well as the command prompt. Using a software to perform this kind of attack is easy because non-techky or tech knowledgeable person can even use a software after following instructions and can get started right away anytime.

Step 1# Starting the Software

To get started with a software to perform DDoS you need to install one of the best ones which will actually work. Download this software from, this software is known as LOIC(Low Orbit Ion Cannon). After one downloading the software, you need to extract it on your windows system and open it.

Step 2# Target A Site

After opening LOIC on your windows system you need to Target a website in which you want to perform this action. Here you will see Select your target box area inside which you have two other boxes contains options to put the Website URL and IP address. If you have the website URL which you want to target then put it inside the first box, Or if you have the IP then put that in the second box. After that hit the “Lock on” button.

LOIC ddos attack


Step# 3 Configure it

Be patient and don’t move your fingers towards the big button because still you need to configure and let the software know the configuration of your attack. Now, go to the third section says Attack options, let the Timeout and HTTP Subsite same but inside TCP / UDP message box type any Random message.

Also let the port same (80) if you are attacking a website, then select the method UDP. Uncheck wait for reply and let the Threads at 10. Usually, the Thread should be 10 but if you have pretty good processor/configuration then you can increase it upto 20 which will increase the capability of your attack.

Step# 4 Final Step (Attack)

Now its the time to press the trigger, you see that big button which says IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER so hit that. Once you have pressed that you will see the regarding info and the progress of your attack. On request column, under Attack status, you will see how many times the resources of the site has been requested.  Or if you are doing ddos on Minecraft server then it will show you for how many times it has requested the resource from Minecraft server.

This is just an automated DDoS attack which will work with LOIC and the info you will feed inside of it. If you want to do it manually then you can use command prompt for this purpose. Check out below steps to know exactly how to do this.

How to DDoS Using Command Prompt

In a manual way, you can use cmd for DDoS. It increases the simplicity of task and makes it more convenient. With command prompt, all you need is an enabled Internet connection.

Selecting a site: The First and initial step is to select your target, so choose a site which you wanted to ddos.

Getting IP: In order to DDoS that site you need to get the IP address of that website. Open command prompt and run this commandhow to ddos using command prompt

 ping -t 

here, is the name of that website.

It will show you the IP address which looks similar to , once you get the IP address press Ctrl+c to stop the current command execution.

Execute DDoS:  You need to type the following command to DDoS website.pinging google on how to ddos using cmd

ping [ip address] -t -l 65500
in place of ip address put the actual IP address of website which you just get through above command.

This command will send the 65500 bytes of data to the ip address or to the site. To make ddos attack more powerful you can use multiple systems and run the command.

Stay Tuned: You need to let the command execute for atleast 2-3hours. It will overwhelm the server and the site will go down temporarily.

Note: This attack using command only works with low config server, like shared servers. If you are trying to DDoS a website which has VPS, dedicated or high configuration server then only the tools like LOIC or other powerful tools. will work for you.