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How to Download YouTube Videos(Simple and Trusted Methods)

YouTube is currently the biggest video sharing network where anyone can share their videos. Millions of users are using YouTube to watch and share videos worldwide. This is also one of the best-trusted places to make money. Anyone can become a creator and can start sharing videos and start making money. We already have done an article on how much YouTube pays per 1000 views check this out to learn more. You probably wanted to download YouTube videos if you’re a daily YouTube streamer. Most of the users don’t know how to download YouTube videos. However, YouTube has offline videos feature. Using this feature, users can make an offline copy of YouTube videos but can’t share them with other people.

So, in order to download a YouTube videos, you need online YouTube downloader app or website. There are many such services available but most of them are difficult to use and some are not trustworthy. Hence, you need a trusted YouTube video downloader app or service. Also, Android users have many apps which help in downloading the videos from YouTube. But, not all people want to use apps for this thing. There are many online YouTube downloaders for downloading YouTube videos. You can download Youtube videos without using software or app. Below are the two amazing services available using which you can download YouTube videos for free.

Download YouTube Videos Online

There are two main services available which have great features and you can download YouTube videos in many qualities like 144p – 1080p easily. All you need is copy and paste the URL or just use a small trick which makes your work even easier.

These services allow you to download videos and playlists or even entire channel’s videos for free. Follow the steps given below and learn more about these services.

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Use Audiowala YouTube Video Downloader

Audiowala is basically a video downloading website with some of the amazing YouTube features available. This website is mobile friendly and users can download YouTube videos for free in many qualities. Also, you can download the MP3 of any video. Hence, there’s no need to visit any other website for downloading the MP3 of any YouTube video. You can do all these things in Audiowala service.

There are many features and we’ll explain you in details. There’s no need to copy or paste the URL or doing the similar thing.  Using this website is very simple. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First, visit YouTube and click on any video to watch.

Step 2. Your video URL will look like and all you need to do is just put audiowala in place of youtube like the image is given below.

how to download youtube videos

URL Example

Step 3. Now, you’ll get options for download in various qualities. You can even download the video’s audio by clicking on Download MP3.

youtube videos online downloader

Download YouTube Video

Step 4. If you need to download many videos of any channel, then open any YouTube channel and put audiowala in place of youtube.

Step 5. Select any video and download it easily.

With these features, you can use this Audiowala youtube downloader service for free. The amazing thing about this service is that you can download MP3 of videos and can download entire channel’s videos easily.

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Using Free Youtube Online Downloader

There’s another amazing youtube downloader using which users can download YouTube videos easily. This service also provides a Chrome extension and if you’re using Google Chrome then this extension can help you to quickly download videos from YouTube.

It’s  easier to use than audiowala but has lack of features like channel download and responsive universal design. This service might not work on your some of the browsers and also, browsing through different video qualities becomes more frustrating sometimes. Follow the steps given below:

Step1. Visit YouTube website and click on any video.

Step 2. Video url looks like you need to add ss before youtube and it looks like Then hit enter.

Step 3. Select eh video quality and download the video. There’s MP3 download option available.


Step 1. Visit their page:

Step 2. Put the YouTube video URL and hit enter.

Step 3. Select the video quality and download.

These are the some of the greatest YouTube downloaders you can use easily. If you’re still having a problem, comment down below.


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