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How To Find and Replace in Chrome, Find Words and Replace Them

Chrome is one of the popular and best browsers which offers rich browsing experience and features. Using Chrome web browsers, one can easily control most of the things like website settings, passwords and much more. But, there’s a lot more to be offered by Google Chrome web browser. Its store has thousands of useful extensions which can be used to do a lot of things using the browser only. E.g almost every best VPN offers Chrome extensions so that user can use their services without installing software in their system. Hundred of extensions can be very useful in daily work. If you’re working online e.g writing an article and accidentally you’ve written something¬† e.g “tree” to “free” then you need to find the words manually and then replace them as per needs. But, here we’ve shown how to find and replace in Chrome.

Also, users can even use the Chrome’s inbuilt tool to find words on the page but when it comes to replacing them, you need to do it manually. Or text editors like Notepad or Notepad++ can e useful here. But, then you need to copy all the things you’ve written far to Notepad++ or Notepad and then use the search and replace feature. Instead of doing this, you can use some extensions to find and replace in Chrome. There are hundreds of extensions on the store for this purpose but we’ll be suggesting you best of then. These extensions work well and no matter where you’re writing on in which language you’re writing, these extensions make your search and replace in Chrome very easy. Unlike if you’re using Notepad++ or any text editor to bulk replace the texts, you might lose your formatting which you’ve given to your paragraphs and if the article is too long, then it’ll take a lot of time to format your text again. Hence using the extension to search and replace in Chrome is a smart idea and this will not change the formatting of your paragraphs.

Steps To Find and Replace In Chrome

We’ll be mainly introducing mainly two extensions which are available in the Chrome store for free. Both these extensions are very easy to use. Read down their features and choose which one you’ll be adding to chrome to replace words in bulk.

Find & Replace for Text Editing

This is our personal favorite one as this offers much more than regular searching and replacing words in Chrome. It offers features like search history, favorites your find and replaces terms, REGEX (Regular Expression) like features. It also highlights the area on the page from where words are replaced. The regular expression makes it easy to run REGEX queries and there’s no need to use the text editor like Notepad++ to run REGEX. History logs help you to find the search queries you’ve run before. Below are the steps you need to follow to install and run this extension. We’ve explained the steps so that you can use this extension with ease.

  1. First, visit Find & Replace for Text Editing download page here: “
  2. Then click on Add To Chrome button and this will add the extension to your Chrome browser.
  3. how to find and replace in chrome
  4. A new popup dialogue box will appear, click on Add Button.add the extension
  5. The extension will download and will be added to Chrome browser automatically.
  6. Once it’s added successfully to your browser, click on it (top right edge of your browser’s window)
  7. A new box will appear which is basically the dashboard of the extension, you can clearly see “Find what text box” and “replace with” text boxfind and replace in chrome
  8. Once you’ve added your Find What word, all the matched words will be highlighted on the screen. (Make sure you’re on the tab where find and replace needs to be performed).
  9. Type the word with which you want to replace in Replace With text box.
  10. If you want to replace all the words in one click, click on Replace All button, or click Replace to replace the words one by one.find words and replace in google chrome
  11. When you want to see the find and replace history, click on the History option.regex search and replace chrome
  12. If there’s any search and replace query you run again and again, then favorite it, then click on the favorite tab to execute it quickly.
  13. Whenever REGEX queries needs to be executed, enable the Advanced Options and run your REGEX queries with ease.enable advance options

Search and Replace Chrome Extension

This extension offers a normal user interface with powerful search and replaces functionality. What we’ve liked in this extension is that it’s very easy to use and the user interface is very normal. One of the greatest features is that search and replace can be limited to input fields only. Read down the steps given below and know its features and its features. We recommend this extension for normal users to find and replace in Chrome.

  1. Visit this download page here: “
  2. Click on Add To Chrome and the extension will be download and added to your browser within few moments.
  3. Once the extension is added, then open the page where you want to replace the texts.
  4. Enter the word to search and then enter the word to replace with.
  5. If you just want to replace the texts in an input field, enable Input Feilds Only option.
  6. Click GO and texts will be replaced as per your selections and inputs.another search replace extension

We now hope that you’re able to find and replace in Chrome. Both these extensions are pretty much powerful and useful to search the words and replace them in bulk.¬†What you think about both these extensions! Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you’re having problems or have some queries regarding the procedure then leave a comment and we’ll reach you soon.

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