How to Find My Lost Windows Phone!

Windows Phones are used by several numbers of people worldwide. The market share of Windows Phone is very low. This happens due to less number of apps available on Windows Phone Apps Store. Many popular games are missing on Windows Phone. It’s because most of the popular games developers aren’t considering to develop games and apps for such platform whose market share is about 1%. But, if you’re a Windows Phone user, you probably know that it’s not that bad. Windows Phones are better in many ways than Android and iOS Phones. If we talk about the built quality, then Windows Phones comes with better hardware in all price ranges.Office suite for Windows Phones, Cortana etc. are well optimized and runs smoothly. You probably love your Windows Phone in many ways. If your Windows Phone is lost then you can find lost Windows Phone easily.

There are many features that come with Windows phone which helps you find your lost Windows Phone. Sometimes we lost our mobile phone outside the home or in the home. Maybe your phone is dropped somewhere outside your home, or stuck between bed sheets or sofa in your home. Windows Phones have a solution to these lost Phone problems. You just need to have access to your Microsoft ID that you’ve been using to download apps from Windows Store. Microsoft provides a free service called Microsoft devices which can be used to track and manage all those Microsoft devices where your Microsoft account is logged in.

Make sure you’ve access to your Microsoft ID otherwise you can’t find your lost WIndows Phone on your own. Then you need to contact nearest Police Station if your phone is stolen or lost outside the home. If you’ve access to your Microsoft account then proceed to the steps given below.

How To Find My Lost Windows Phone?

To find your lost Windows Phone you should have Microsoft account login access. You can do following things with your device once you’re logged into Microsoft’s official find my phone service.

  • Find your lost windows phone
  • Ring your lost windows phone
  • Lock your lost windows phone
  • Erase all data from your lost windows phone

These are the things you can do to find your lost Windows Phone. You either can ring your Windows Phone if lost in your home, or Find the location if lost outside your home. If you think your device is stolen then users can easily lock or erase whole the data from their Windows Phone. These all features to find lost Windows Phone is officially provided by Microsoft for free. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Login To Your Microsoft Account

You need to login to your Microsoft account which is logged in on your lost Windows Phone. Use any mobile phone browser or desktop browser and follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Visit the page here and log in with your Microsoft Account.

Step 2. Then after successfully logging into your account, you’ll get the list of devices where that Microsoft account is logged in.

find your lost windows phone

Select Your Windows Device

Step 3. Find your device from the list and click on Find My Phone option.

Step 4. You’ll get the interface like the image given below. Now, you need to choose what you want with your Windows Phone.

track lost windows phone

List Of Options

To Find Location To Lost Windows Phone

If your Windows Phone is lost outside the home or stolen then you can easily track your lost Windows Phone. Just select Find My Phone option which is the first option on the screen. You’ll also get the last location which was automatically retrieved from the device. To get live location select the first option.

Step 1. Select the First option to get the current location of your device.

how to find your lost windows phone

To Find Location

Step 2. Wait for some time till the location is retrieved from your lost Windows Phone.

You might get the error, just click again on Try Again button and let’s see if the location is retrieved or not. If the location isn’t tracked after many attempts then it means your device is offline.

To Ring Lost Windows Phone

Many users lost their home inside the home or nearby the home. If it’s the case with you then you can ring your device even if it’s in silent mode. ALso, it doesn’t matter your phone is offline or online. You can put your number in the options which you’ll get after selecting Ring option.

Step 1. Select the Ring option from Find My Device service.

find location of lost windows phone

To Ring

Step 2. You’ll get the options like the image given below. Enter your Phone number if your device is offline. Either select This Phone Doesn’t Have Number but your device should be connected to the internet in this case.

how to ring lost windows phone

Ring Your Phone

Step 3. Click on OK and wait till your device starts Ringing. You’ll get success or failure error which will be shown on the screen at last once the ringing request is completed.

If your device is online then it’ll definitely start ringing even if it’s in silent mode. But, if your device is not online then you’ll have to enter your phone number which you’re using with your Windows Phone. This is the simplest way to find your lost WIndows Phone inside your home.

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Lock Your Lost Windows Phone

There’s an option which locks your device remotely. THis is useful when you think your device is gone into wrong hands or is stolen by someone. A message can be displayed on the screen and then your device will restart and PIN will be changed to the PIN that you’ve entered in the options.

Step 1. Select the Lock option from the options list.

how to find location of windows phone

To Lock

Step 2. Enter the PIN and optional details like Message to display, Phone Number to display with message etc.

lock lost windows phone

Fill The Options

Step 3. Then Lock and your device will be locked with the PIN that you’ve entered.

When you click on Lock your device will restart and locked with the PIN you’ve entered in the options. This is the simplest way to lock your lost Windows Phone.

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Erase Data From Lost Windows Phone

Users can even erase all the data from their lost Windows Phone. Your Windows Phone might be in wrong hands who can misuse your data in many ways. To make sure that your data isn’t in risk you’ve to erase it from lost Windows Phone. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First, select Erase option from the options list.

ring lost windows phone

To Erase

Step 2. Then you can either delete the Apps and Settings of your Windows Phone or can erase whole the data on your Windows Phone.

erase lost windows phone

Select Options To Erase Your phone

Step 3. Select the required option and click Erase.

All your data or settings will be deleted as according to the option you’ve selected.

Hence, these are all methods that will not only help you to find lost Windows Phone but also protects your data and unauthorized access from unknown users. If you’re having a problem following any of these methods and steps comment down below.

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