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How To Fix Packet Loss (Reasons and Solutions)

Packet loss in any network is network is really the very bad issue. This happens when your internet connection isn’t working well. Due to this problem, your streaming becomes worst. But, if packet loss is common in your internet life, you should fix this problem. Also, you should measure how much data you’re loosing. Actually, a packet is the data which is being sent to you. If you didn’t receive that data, this will be known as packet loss. Loosing a lot of packets results in very poor streaming/downloading. Most of the times, this problem is raised due to the limits exceed by the network/router you’re using. Hence, to stop overloading network/router will drop some data packets. If you’re streaming a video, you can’t stream it properly because most of the data packets are dropped. This results in noisy video streaming and bad user experience and you strongly need to fix packet loss.

Most of the times, this problem is temporary and solve itself. It’s because sometimes network providers are suffering from any netw3ork related problem. They’ll fix it as soon as possible. But, if you’re struggling with packet loss problem from several days then this means there’s something wrong with your router/modem you’re using. The Even device you’re using to access the internet isn’t working well.

To fix packet loss, there are many things you need to check. In this article, we’ve shown how to fix packet loss error. Packet loss problem is mainly raised by router/modem and your device in which you’re using the internet. Because, if ISP you’re using is suffering from any problem will surely notify you and will fix the error as soon as possible. So, you need to take actions to your personal level by checking your devices. There are many free ways to monitor the packet loss quota. Also, you can monitor it’s regular or caused in several intervals of time. if it occurs on several intervals of time, then your device should be running any service or virus which is the reason behind this. Read the full article and know how to fix packet loss.

Fix Packet Loss In Windows OS

Packet loss while playing a game is really disastrous. Imagine you’re playing a game with all your energies in fighting with others and your internet connection just drops and your game gets frozen. Angry games can even break their monitor if packet loss becomes familiar with their internet connectivity. So, fixing this problem is a wise decision for all gamers/streams/internet freaks.

Before proceeding you should check how much packets you’re loosing in an interval of time. There are many packet loss measurements techniques you can use. We’ve shown the best techniques to measure packet loss below. Use them and measure a number of packets you’re loosing.

The best way that we recommend you to measure the packet loss is using the ping command in CMD. This is really very useful to send the ping request to a domain/server and the number of packets sends and received packets will help in measuring the packet loss. Follow the steps given below:

Using CMD To Measure Packets Loss:

  1. Press Win+R and type CMD, hit enter.
  2. Command Prompt will appear and then type: ping, hit enter. Now, CMD will send ping requests to and will receive the to fix packet loss
  3. Default numbers of ping requests sent are 4. If you see any loss of packets, this means you’re suffering from a serious packets loss problem. However, you might get 0% data loss as there are only 4 ping requests sent.packet loss in windows
  4. Now, this time we’ll send more than 4 ping requests. To do so, type: ping -n 10. Now, CMD will send 10 ping requests. See if you get data loss or not. If there’s no data loss, you should try sending at least 50 ping requests to ensure that your internet is working fine or not.
  5. If you see any data loss, this means you have packets loos problem with the internet connection.packet loss during streaming

Users who don’t receive any data loss error in CMD but suffering from packets loss problem should be aware that maybe by the time you sent the ping request, your router/modem/device is working fine because there’s no overload. Or maybe your ISP is working well at the time you sent the ping request. We have a solution to this problem in this article below.

Using NetStress 3rd Party Tool

NetStress is a free tool which is useful to troubleshoot a network connection. YOu can use this to analyze the traffic and network’s performance.

  1. Download this tool from here:
  2. Install this tool in your system.
  3. Open the tool and click on start button to start analyzing the network.solution to data packet loss

After using any of the method shown above, you now have the idea about how much packets of data you’re loosing. Now, its time to solve this problem in Windows OS.

There’s one thing you need to do before proceeding. Check if all devices connected to the network you’re using are suffering from the packets lost problem or not. This is important, as you should be aware that your device is the reason behind this or modem/router you’re using is the culprit.

Now, if data packets loss problem is with all the devices connected to the router/modem you’re using then you need to reset your router. It’s the possibility that you’ve changed the router’s settings that possibly caused packets loss problem with the network.

To Reset The Route/Modem

We’ve already done an article on resetting a router which is same with all the routers. But, below is the quick guide:

  1. Every router has reset button on its back or bottom.
  2. Press that reset button for 5-10 seconds and wait till all the notification lights on the router start glowing.
  3. Wait till the router is rebooted.
  4. Change router’s default password and username of admin [anel and WIFI password too.
  5. Now, connect to the router and check if you’re still suffering from the packets loss problem or not.

If the problem is with particular Windows device, then you should follow the methods given below to fix packet loss.

Change WiFi Adapter Power Settings

Users who are accessing the internet using WiFi and in trouble with packet loss should change WiFi adapter power settings. We’ll maximize the power sources to the WiFI adapter so that they can perform well whether while charging or not charging. Laptops cut some power to the WiFI adapters while on battery. Maybe due to this your WiFI adapter isn’t able to receive all the data packet from the WiFI network.

  1. Open control panel and select Power Options.
  2. Now, choose Change Plan Settings under the plan you’re currently using.change wireless adapter plan
  3. Choose Change Advanced Power Settings and expand Wireless Adapter Settings.
  4. Change power saving mode to maximum for On Battery and Plugged In.maximum power to wireless adapter
  5. Apply the changes and exit.
  6. Reconnect to the WiFi network and check if you’ve fixed packet loss problem using this method or not.

Tip: You can delete all the WiFi network related settings you’ve applied by Right-Click>Forget This Network. This ensures that all the settings you’ve applied to that network in Windows OS is deleted and are not responsible for packet loss problem.

We hope you’ve fixed packet loss problem now and streaming the internet without any data loss. But, if you’re still in the problem, then we’ve few other solutions for you.

Sol1: Connect to the internet using LAN cable directly. maybe WiFi sender/receiver is damaged or not working properly.

Sol 2: Update Your LAN and WiFi Drivers

We recommend you to update all your LAN and WiFI drivers. Drivers provide linking between hardware and software. When you’ve connected any device to your computer, you need to install its latest driver so that it can work well. maybe your network adapter is outdated and due to this your WiFI adapter isn’t receiving the WiFi signals properly.

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Select Device Manager option.
  3. Expand wireless adapters and choose your WiFi adapter.
  4. Right-Click and select Update Driver.
  5. Now, update it online or use offline way by browsing the update files.

If you’re still in trouble then comment down below. We’ll try to help you and provide another best solution according to the conditions you’ve. Please explain your problem with us down below by commenting. We’ll reply you with another solution as soon as possible so that you can fix packet loss problem with the network.

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