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How to Hack WiFi Password [Full Explanation] Working

Cracking a WiFi password is still a puzzle. Not many people get successful in cracking a WiFi password, but everyone wants to know how to hack WiFi password. People are trying apps and software like wifi hacker or wifi hacker for android by assuming that it could work. Most of the websites claim that their method works in cracking WiFi password but if you try that method there are only a few chances that you will succeed in cracking that password. Now only two questions appear in your mind:-


  • Is it possible to hack WiFi password?
  • If yes then how we can crack a wifi password?

Well, we will explain you these two questions. Plus this article contains all the method to crack a WiFi password. You should follow this whole article. First, read the full intro and possibilities about cracking a WiFi password. Then follow the guide given below. Learn all the methods used then to hack a WiFi network. This article is only for educational purpose so don’t use it to harm others.

Is it possible to crack a WiFi password?

Answer: Yes, you can crack WiFi password but it depends on the security of WiFi. Routers with high security can’t be break easily. Even some WiFi networks cant be hacked and you need to perform the user based attack on that network. This means, you’ll have to take the password, you can’t crack it. If you don’t understand then think about phishing. You can’t get into the database of Facebook but can get the password from the user by creating a fake login page. It’s also the working and the most used way to hack a WiFi password. But, this method is only used when WiFi security is very high. We’ll explain briefly below about this.

Most common this used to hack a WiFi is, capturing the handshake, then using a dictionary to find the password from the captured handshake. Are you using this method! Then, you might be doing it wrong. Have you ever thought about WPS vulnerability? WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is not secure and by default, it’s enabled. Hence, maybe the router you’re trying to hack has WPS enabled.


How WiFi Password Hack/Crack Works:

Well, this is a big question, a WiFi crack actually works by matching a password and if that password will not match next password will be used by the bot which you can create or download an app to let it done for you. On the meantime, you can also set which type of password that can be if you do that it will take less time because a numerical password takes less time to crack than the alphanumerical with the special characters.

Should You Use WiFi Cracking Apps?

My answer is no. Most of them don’t work and users download those apps from un-trusted sources. This might turn into a very big risk as maybe those apps have malware in them. Then you will be letting others hacking into your device instead of hacking a WiFi password. Instead of using apps/software, use Linux distros like Kali Linux. Which is considered be the best OS for penetration. Even there’s no need to download any external tool in order to perform WiFi hacks. Kali Linux has all the basic tools required for penetrating WiFi network.

How To Hack WiFi

how to hack a wifi

Below are the methods, by using you can actually crack a WiFi password so you should try these methods to crack WiFi password.

Method #1: Using Kali Linux For Hacking Wifi:

We have listed Linux above which you should use to hack a WiFi password. You can even run Kali Linux on Android. Linux can do many things which Windows OS don’t let you do. Using Kali Linux we can create our own password dictionary and create a password finder in the terminal which let you find a password easily or rarely. Kali Linux is popular when we talk about the hacking because Kali Linux is one of the NOS(Network Operating System).

how to hack wifi using kali linux

Why Use Kali Linux To Crack A WiFi Password

In Kali Linux there are many tools like Aircrack-ng which lets you capture a handshake from the WiFi network and after that, you have to crack that captured file or you need a dictionary to extract the password from that captured file. This method works very well if you have a good dictionary. You can also use Crunch like tools to generate your own password dictionary easily. Before working on these tools you must have basic knowledge about Kali Linux commands. Hacking can’t be completely learned, you can learn the basics and then regular efforts will improve your hacking knowledge. Security is changing every day and you’ll have to become smarter with the change in technology.

Method #2: Using WPS Pins To Crack WiFi Password:

WPS stands for WiFi Protected setup which. It’s a pin authentication to use any WiFi network. In Kali Linux, you can use many tools like Reaver and HT-WPS breaker like tools which lets you break any WPS-enabled WiFi. Most of the routers these days come with WPS enabled and you can crack WiFi password easily by cracking WPS pin. As we listed above that WPS is unsecured and is enabled by default. Hence, it’s one of the favorite methods to hack a WiFi password.

Method #3: Using Applications On Windows OS:

We don’t recommend you to do this. But, there are also a bunch of apps that let you find WiFi password but here you won’t have to use your own skills, the application will do all for you. You should download these Softwares from trusted sources only. Because basically, Windows versions like Windows 10,8,7 has a lot of limitations. Users can’t perform network hacking related tasks using Windows OS. Also, there are not many working tools built for Windows for hacking a WiFi network.

windows software to crack wifi password

Note:- You should penetrate your WiFi network only. Don’t mess with other’s WiFi network. It might get you in trouble.

Detailed Guide on How To Hack a WiFi Password

Note: This tutorial is only for educational purpose. We haven’t hacked/cracked into anyone’s WiFi network. It’s only to let you know about WiFi security so that you can increase your WiFi security.

Method #1: Crack A WiFi Password Of Network With WPS Enabled

This is one of our favorite methods to hack a WiFi. If you don’t know what if WPS, you can read a little intro about WPS above. It’s the most insecure feature which is enabled by default on all the routers. Most of the users don’t change router settings hence WPS is enabled on most of the routers. using Kali Linux, we’ll be cracking into a WiFi network with WPS enabled.


  • Kali Linux running on the virtual box or bootable kali Linux device.
  • Network adapter. (Laptops have inbuilt)
  1. Boot into Kali Linux and open a terminal.
  2. In terminal type:


  3. Find your network adapter, it should be wlan0 and type in terminal:

    airmon-ng start wlan0hack a wifi

  4. You’ll get a number of processes on inside the terminal. YOu need to kill all these processes as these can create the problem during the process of hacking a WiFi password. So, in terminal type:

    kill (process ID) like: kill 7876

  5. Then type inside the terminal:

    airodump-ng wlan0mon

  6. You’ll get a list of all the available WiFi network within your range. Then type:

    wash -i –ignore -fcs

  7. This command will find all the WiFi networks which have WPS feature enabled. All the networks will be sorted and you can crack those network’s password easily.
  8. Once sorting of the networks is complete, inside the terminal you need to type:

    reaver -i mon0 -b XXxxXXxxXX -vv

  9. In above step, XXxxXX is the BSSID of the WiFi network. Now, wait till the cracking into the WPS pin is complete. You should see the password written on the screen as soon as the process is complete.

If you receive any error, then comment down below and we’ll try to provide you the reason behind that error. Basically, in this process, Kali Linux send the WPS Pin which is 4 digits to the router. Sometimes router blocks the PIN entry and you won’t be able to launch this attack until the router is restarted. So, keep trying your luck to hack a WiFi network. Some users will definitely get the password and some users will have to try this process 2-3 times. Even if you’re not able to hack a WiFi using this method, skip to our another method.

Method #2: Step By Step guide To Crack A WiFi Password By Capturing Handshake:

  1. First, boot into Kali Linux and enable your WiFi.
  2. Open the Terminal and type:


  3. Now you’ll get a list of network adapter available on your computer. Wireless network adapter is wlan0 in most cases. Now, you need to start that adapter:

    airmon-ng start wlan0how to hack a wifi

  4. You’ll get a number of processes which might cause an error while capturing the handshake. Hence, you need to kill all those processes using kill command. So, type:

    kill “process ID) and hit enter. e.g kill 8978hack a wifi

  5. After killing all the processes, we need to find all the available WiFi networks in your area. So type:

    airodump-ng wlan0moncrack a wifi

  6. Now, wlan0 is on monitor mode and capturing all the WiFi networks which are available and being received by the WiFi receiver.crack into wifi
  7. After this, find your target WiFI network. You can read the name (SSID) of all the available WiFi network including their Channel No. and BSSID. Once you’ve selected your target, Open a new terminal by File>New and type:

    airodump-ng -c X –bssid XXxxXXxxXXxxXX -w /root wlan0monhack into wifi

  8. Above, X represents the channel number of your targeted WiFI network, XXxxXXxxXXxxXX represents to the BSSID of the target WiFi network. Once you execute this command you’ll be able to see all the connected clients to that WiFi network and all the traffic going on that network.
  9. Now, we need to capture the handshake from the WiFi network. For this, we need to send de-authentication data packets to a user or to the whole WiFi network. So, open a new terminal again and type:

    aireplay-ng -0 2 -a XXXxxxxXXXX wlan0monhack a wifi password

  10. Here 2 is the number of de-authentication data packets to send to the WiFi network. Once you executed this command you’ll get captured handshake on your Root folder. Open file manager and you should see -01.cap file there. That’s the captured handshake with encrypted WiFi password. Now, we need to use dictionary to find the password.crack a wifi password

After capturing the handshake, you need to use a password list and decrypt the password from the captured handshake. If you don’t have wordlist, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to generate a wordlist. The feature about the method we’re showing you that you can generate the wordlist of numbers and letters that you want to use. Like if you think that password will be numerical, you can generate password list containing numbers and letters only. Even you can set the minimum in maximum letters in a word.

  1. Open terminal and type:

    crunch 8 12 1234567890 -o /root/wordlist.lst

  2. Now, your password list will be generated and saved in the root folder. We’ve generated numerical “1234567890” wordlist here. You should change “1234567890” to whatever you require. Also, here “8” is the minimum length of a passphrase and 12 is the maximum length.

Then to use the generated wordlist in order to find the password from the captured handshake, follow the process given below:

  • Open up the terminal and type the command:

    aircrack-ng -w /root/wordlist.lst -01.cap

  • Here /root/wordlist.lst is the location of the wordlist file and -01.cap is the filename of the captured handshake.password list

You’ll get the following process running on your screen. Now, aircrack will use all the password combinations available in the wordlist to crack the captured handshake. If the password is available in the wordlist, you’ll get it written on the screen. After reading the above guide you can hack wifi password for sure. Good luck!

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