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How To Increase Ram Of PC or Laptop

RAM (Random Access Memory) is used to store the data temporary. The data is stored frequently and used by the system to calculate the program’s calculations etc. More RAM means more computer applications can be run at the same time without having any crash error or lagging in the computer. Most of the computers have 2GB or 4GB RAM installed which is not too low and not too high. It depends on for what purpose you’re using that computer. if you think that you can run heavy games on 2GB RAM, then it’s not possible. You need at least 8GB of RAM to run games with high-quality graphics. There are many other things like Processor, Graphics Card which is also responsible for the performance of the computer. But, if you’re using the computer for office work, browsing etc. then 2GB RAM is enough for you. But, still sometimes computer lags and programs can’t run properly in 2GB and 4GB RAM installed PC. So, in this article, we’re showing you how to increase RAM on laptop.

If you think that your laptop isn’t running well due to the lack of RAM. You should increase RAM of PC or Laptop. It’s possible by turning your USB to virtual memory. In the computer, virtual memory is really very useful to increase the performance of the laptop or PC. Virtual memory is memory management which uses hardware and software to allow the computer to transfer data from RAM to disk storage. This is only done when RAM has the shortage of the memory. If you use USB as virtual memory in the laptop, and your RAM is out of memory, it’ll send rest of the data which is to be calculated to disk storage. This means your laptop/pc will not hang. This is the basic concept to increase RAM on Laptop. You’re not increasing the actual RAM but using the virtual memory.

How To Increase RAM On Laptop

Now, let’s talk about the process to increase RAM on PC or Laptop. There are two ways you can use to do this. Either by changing the RAM chips or using the virtual memory. If you can lose your money and can upgrade the RAM on your laptop, then you should buy RAM chips and install it on your laptop/PC. But, others should use USB as virtual memory. It increases the performance of RAM as it’ll never overload due to more data as data is being sent to the disk storage.

Below are the steps to increase RAM on laptop or PC. This method is all about using the hard disk as virtual memory. You can either use an External USB device or your HDD. By default, Windows OS automatically use HDD as virtual memory if needed. But, you can change the amount of space used as virtual memory. It’s very useful as users who’re having a lot of lagging problem with their PC/laptop can use this method. But, users who have used a lot of HDD space as virtual memory can suffer from faulty hardware and corrupted page problem.

Steps To Use HDD As RAM On Laptop/PC

In this method, we’ll be using HDD to increase RAM on laptop/PC. You can use external HDD/USB in this case.

  1. Press Win+R, type: sysdm.cpl and hit enter.
  2. Click on Advanced Tab and select Settings under Performance.
  3. Again select the Advanced tab and click on Change under Virtual Memory.
  4. Uncheck the option of Automatically Manage Paging File Size For All Drivers and now select the partition of HDD or external storage device you want to use as RAM.
  5. Select the Custom Size and set the amount of memory you want to use.
  6. Click Set and press OK. Now, you should see improvement in the system performance.

Use Ready Boost To Improve Computer Performance

Now, we’ll be using Ready Boost feature here to boost the performance of your system. There are many types of research done on ready boost feature and the results show the ready boost is a really helpful way to improve the performance of the system. Due to ready boost, applications open up faster, booting time of OS also increased, web browsing becomes smoother.

Now, virtual memory+ready boost=more performance. It’s the simple logic you can use to get more performance from your laptop. It’s like the increasing RAM on laptop/PC. It’s guaranteed that you’ll see improvement in the performance after using Ready Boost feature in Windows OS. It’ll use the storage you’ve used as the ready boost to cache the memory.

In this method, we’re using external Pendrive. If you have an external Pendrive then we recommend you to use that for Ready boost feature.

Steps To Use Pendrive As ReadyBoost Device

1. Connect your Pendrive to the computer and copy all your data from the Pendrive. Before using Ready Boost, Windows will format your Pendrive.

2. Now, Right-Click and select Properties option. Then click on ReadyBoost tab.

Increase RAM on laptop

3. Select Use This Device option and set the amount of space you want to reserve for ReadyBoost.

increase performance using readyboost

4. Click on Apply and click OK. Now, Windows will start using your Pendrive as ReadyBoost device. You’ll see improvement in the performance of your Laptop/Computer.


Limits For Virtual Memory: While virtual memory has limits that are related to physical memory limits, virtual memory has limits that derive from different sources and that are different depending on the consumer. We’ll try to explain you in a simple way, the word “Virtual Memory” shows memory is virtual and there’s no physical presence of this memory. When you’re using HDD as virtual memory, Windows will only make the part of memory you’ve set as virtual memory. That memory will only be used when needed. It;’s not a must that you’ll get a huge improvement in the performance of your PC. But, there’s the slight improvement in the performance.

ReadyBoost Performance Improvements: Also, when you’re using ReadyBoost, you’ll only get improvement in opening time of applications, booting time of the operating system and other small improvements. There’s no huge improvement but Yes, the speed is improved. But, you’ll not get any improvement in the gaming experience. It only complies to normal processing. Gaming needs more resources which a ReadyBoost device can’t provide in any way.

We hope you get all your answer related to the Virtual Memory and Ready Boost. If you’re having any problem in following the methods given above, comment down below and we’ll help you. Also, if you have any question, feel free to ask us.

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