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How To Kick People Off Your WiFi Network (Android, Linux)

Using a public WiFi network is one of the best things as in some places, public hotspot speed is good enough. But, at busy places, there are a lot of people using the same WiFi network and this decreases the internet speed as well. It’s OK as in public places, it’s usual that everyone who wants to use the WiFi without any limitations. But, when it comes to your personal WiFi network connection you probably not want to others to use it for free. Nowadays, there are high-level security features using which one can secure their WiFI connection easily. But, it might happen that your WiFI password is leaked or you want to kick out some users from your WiFi connection because of some reasons. This thing becomes very easy nowadays as there is the number of Android applications built for this purpose and most of them are free. If you’re a Linux user, then it becomes much easier for you to kick people off your WiFI network using the terminal but you probably should have the proper knowledge of commands. In this article, we’ve shown the detailed guide on how to kick people off your WiFI network using Android and Kali Linux.

Kali Linux is known as one of the Linux distros for penetration testing. Android users can use some of the free apps as well but it’s necessary that your phone should be rooted. Without a rooted Android mobile phone, one cant kick people off your WiFi connection. In Linux, there are few commands which need to be executed using the terminal and in the Android phone, there will be a GUI interface which makes the kicking of WiFi users from a WiFi hotspot very easy. Read down the steps given below and remove people who are using your WiFi network.

Steps To Kick People Off Your WiFi Network

Before getting started we would like to notify you that don’t use these methods to kick people from another’s WiFi network or from Publick WiFi network. Network administrators can get you in trouble if you try to do experiments with their WiFI network. So, make sure that you’re testing these methods on your own WiFi network. First, we’ll discuss the ways on how to kick people off your WiFi network in Android and secondly, we’ll discuss to do the same in Kali Linux terminal.

Kick People Off Your WiFi Network Using Android

As we’ve listed above that your Android should be rooted otherwise you won’t be able to use your Android device to kill WiFi connections. If your device is rooted, then you can proceed further.

  1. Download an app from PlayStore called WiFiKill Pro, this app can help you in many ways to manage your private WiFi network.
  2. After installing the app, open it.
  3. If your device isn’t rooted, a popup error message will appear saying ‘Service Error‘ and you need to ensure whether the device is rooted or to kick people off your wifi network
  4. The app will ask for superuser permission if the device is rooted and allow all the permissions asked by the app.kick people off your wifi
  5. Once all the permissions are granted, you’ll see all the WiFi networks available in your area.
  6. Choose your own WiFi network.kick people from wifi
  7. List of users connected to your WiFi network will be shown.
  8. After this, if you see any device which isn’t yours or want to kick it out of your WiFi because of high bandwidth usage, then click on it.
  9. On the bottom of the screen, tap on Kill option.
  10. To kick all the people connected to your WiFi network, tap on Grab All and all the users will be out of your network.wifi kill android

This is how one can kick people out of WiFi network using Android device. It’s very easy and quick process.

Kick People Out Of Your WiFi Using Kali Linux

If you’re one of the Linux freaks and continuously kept finding the way to penetrate things using Kali Linux, then steps given below will be very useful and interesting to you. These steps are used to kick people off your WifFi in Kali Linux. There’s no need to download any extra tool to follow these steps. Just, fire up your terminal and follow the steps given below.

  1. Once your terminal is open, type ‘airmon -ng
  2. Your wireless adapter will be listed, now type ‘airmon-ng start wlan0
  3. The number of process with their ID will be displayed on the screen, make sure you kill them y typing kill (proceddID) e.g kill 7777.
  4. THen indie the terminal, fire up monitoring mode by hitting ‘airodump-ng wlan0mon
  5. YOur WiFi adapter is in monitoring mode and all the WiFi networks within the range will be shown on the screen. After this ‘Aireplay’ command needs to be executed to kill a WiFI network.
  6. To kick out a single person from WiFi use: aireplay-ng –deauth 0 -a (networks bssid) -c (mac address)
  7. To kill all the WiFi connection: aireplay-ng –deauth 0 -a (network bssid)

With these steps, you can easily kill a single wifi device from using your WiFI or can freeze entire WiFi connection as per requirements.

If you’re having some trouble while following these steps or have any suggestion then leave a comment down below.

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