How To Know How Much RAM Any Application Is Using In Windows PC

How much RAM using in windows pc

You can monitor how much RAM your software or applications are using. To know how much RAM any application is using in your computer you have to do few steps.

In our machine Ram and CPU are the units which are responsible for giving the performance. Many applications run smoothly if you are having more RAM in your virtual machine. But if you are having about 1GB of RAM on your PC then there are many chances that many of the applications make you PC a buggy machine.

Many applications are too running in the background without your information and this is also the big reason that you PC is hanging or not giving the good performance. Many software also runs in the background without your information and that causes your machine runs very slowly. So here we are sharing a quick guide that shows how you can how much ram is in use by any application and how much application your machine is running.

Profits Of Monitoring RAM Usage By Applications: –

  1. You can monitor application’s RAM usage and can terminate them if you don’t want to run that application.
  2. You can note down which applications needs more RAM to run.
  3. Easily speed up your PC’s performance by terminating unnecessary applications and processes.

Step 1.

First of all, navigate your cursor to the taskbar and the press “Right Click” and select “Task Manager”. Task manager is a program which monitors all the resources used by system programs and those programs which are installed by you.



Now a small window will appears known as the task manager. Click on more details to know get more details about all tasks running on your PC. This will show you all the processes and tasks currently running on your PC and it will state your five stats of your PC. CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk usage and Network usage. This means that you can monitor all these four things easily using task manager.


Look for the application which is using more RAM of your machine. You can directly right click and selecting “End Task” on that application. Most of the application runs in the background and without your knowledge and slows down your machine.

Step 4: –

Here you can look an application in background named “ffmpeg.exe” is taking a very large amount of memory so firstly I will go to its details to look whether it’s a system task or any external application’s task.


To know whether it’s a system’s task or ay installed software’s task I’m opening its location and found that its task of an application that was running previously but its still running in the background. So I quickly end this task from task manager and my system now speeds up.

So this is the best way to monitor RAM usage by applications on your PC. You can monitor RAM usage without using any 3rd party software.

Note: – Many processes in background section are system’s task and you should prefer to open its file location. If its file location is presented in System32 or any location where your drivers are installed then don’t end the task, this may halt your system and you have to restart your system again.



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