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How To Make A Checkmark In Word Document

There are many reasons behind using a tickmark in your document. Maybe you want to create a Yes or No check option in an interactive way. In Microsoft Word, users can insert a tick mark easily. Not only the tick mark but using Word, we can insert many types of checkmarks easily. Indirectly there’s no special option to insert a checkmark in word but we can insert different types of simple and it’s similar to inserting mark into the document. Word has a very big list of symbols including arrows, checkmarks etc. which can be used inside the document easily. In this article, we’ve shown how to make a checkmark in Word document.

Even users can use some shortcut keys to make a checkmark in the word document. Also, we can use autocorrect feature to do the same thing. In the autocorrect feature, a word if typed inside the document will be replaced with the another assigned word. We’ll be showing you a complete guide on this later in this article. In the first method, we’ve shown how users can manually insert a checkmark and then we’ll move towards the word shortcut keys. In the final method, we’ve shown the method of using autocorrect to make a checkmark in the word document.

Make A Checkmark In Word Manually

In the manual process, we will simply select few options from the options bar and then a checkmark will be inserted into the document.

  1. Open a document in Word.
  2. Now, choose the Insert tab from the toolbox menu.
  3. On the right side of the screen, choose the Symbol>More Symbols more symbols
  4. A new dialogue box will appear, scroll and find the Checkmark.
  5. Click on the checkmark and select Insert button.make a checkmark in word
  6. The selected symbol will be added to the document.
  7. Set the font size, color, style etc. of the symbol.
  8. Press Ctrl+S to save the document.

This is the manual method to make a checkmark in Word document. But usually, it takes time as you need to select few options from the toolbar menu. So, to make it more comfortable and easy to insert any symbol into the document (not only the checkmark) you can set the shortcut key.

Insert Checkmark In Word Document By Shortcut Key

  1. Click on the Insert tab and choose Symbol>More Symbols.
  2. Scroll down and find the check mark in the dialogue box and choose the symbol.
  3. Select Shortcut Key option.
  4. Click on Press New Shortcut Key text box and then press a key combination using the keyboard. (Make sure that assigned shortcut key didn’t match with default shortcut keys otherwise you won’t be able to insert checkmark using shortcut key).create a new shortcut key
  5. Now, select Assign button.
  6. Close all the dialogue box and click anywhere on the document where you want to insert the symbol.
  7. Press the assigned shortcut key which you’ve assigned.
  8. Word will automatically insert the assigned symbol.insert a checkmark in word

This is one of the best and quick methods using which users can put the checkmark into the word document but for some users using the shortcut keys might be frustrating as we need to press a number of keys at once. Instead of pressing a number of keys, we can simply use the autocorrect feature. Below are the steps you should follow to make a checkmark in Word using autocorrect feature.

Make A Checkmark In Microsoft Word Document Using Autocorrect Feature

  1. In the Insert tab, click on Symbols>More Symbols.
  2. Search for the check mark feature and then click on it.
  3. Now, choose the AutoCorrect option on the dialogue box.
  4. Another dialogue box will appear.
  5. In the replace box, type a unique word, like we have used “check1” word.
  6. Now, click Add and then press OK.assign a autocorrect word
  7. Close all the dialogue boxes and inside the document, type the word you’ve entered in the replace box. e.g we have used “check1”. Now, once you type check1 inside the document, it’ll be instantly replaced with the checkmark.

This is also the quick way to insert checkmark in the word document. not only the checkmark symbol, but you can assign the autocorrect word for any symbol by following these steps.

We now hope that you know the process to make a checkmark in the word document. But, if you’re still having the problem or have some questions regarding the process or any step then comment down below. We’ll reply you back soon with a working solution.

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