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How To Make A Drop Down List In Excel

In Excel, there are a lot of useful features having big advantages in maintaining the huge data. From maintaining the shop data to creating the result of classroom students or maintaining the confidential data of a company. Excel is used for all types of data management work. We can even lock cells in Excel with a lot of flexibility. One of the feature inside the Excel you can use is the drop down listĀ feature. There might be many reasons behind using this feature in Excel but we would like to tell you that you can also lock the cells using this feature. This means that inside the cell where you’ve implemented the drop-down list feature, only the list items can be added to the cells. This also prevents the user from entering the wrong character into the cell by mistake. In this article, we’ve shown the complete guide on how to make a drop down list in Excel.

In Excel, to create a drop down list, we need to write the drop down items within the spreadsheet. Then those items can be used as drop-down items. We can either create the drop-down list for a selected cell with a number of items or can create for multiple cells having the same selection items. The process is very simple and quick. We’ve shown the step by step guide down below in this article.

There might be many reasons behind creating the drop-down list in Excel. Follow the guide to make a drop down list in Excel spreadsheet.

How To Make A Drop Down List In Excel

Before getting started, make sure you’ve written the name of the items you want to put on the list. Like if you want to use Tim, Dave names inside your drop-down list, you need to write them inside the cells in Excel. So, make sure you’ve items to be inserted into the drop-down list in Excel.

  1. Open the Excel Spreadsheet.
  2. Now, if you want to make a drop-down list on a single cell, click on it.
  3. To make a drop down list for multiple cells, select then using the cursor at once.
  4. Click on the Data tab and then choose Data Validation option from the tools bar.make a drop down list
  5. A new dialogue box will appear, click on the Allow menu and choose List from the to make a drop down list in excel
  6. After this, click on the Source text box and then drag over the items you want in your drop-down list in Excel.list in excel
  7. Once you’ve selected all the items, click OK and a drop-down list will be created instantly. You can then quickly choose the item from the in excel

Using this way you can make an Excel spreadsheet in excel. Now, the cell on which you’ve created the list, one can only insert the items in the drop-down list. If he tries to enter custom values, a warning message will appear and he won’t be able to change anything in that cell.drop down menu in excel

We hope that you’re now able to make a drop-down menu in Excel. If you’re still having the problem or have some queries then comment down below and we’ll reply you soon with a working solution.

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