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How To Make A Poster In PowerPoint Slide

In PowerPoint presentation, we can insert a poster into the slides. There are so many reasons behind inserting a poster into the slides. Like you might want to give the presentation in posters format, or want to discuss your latest designed posters or want to include your information on the poster. Microsoft Powerpoint has a lot of online templates which are used for various purposes. If we talk about designing the poster in the PowerPoint slide, then it’ll take a lot of time to arrange the sections of the poster etc. Instead of using your time in designing and arranging the heading, text, shapes, pictures blocks etc. we recommend you to use the online templates here. Even if you want to design your custom shaped poster in PowerPoint, you can drag the pre-built blocks of text, images etc. In this article, we’ve shown the complete guide on how to make a poster in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is really a very powerful slides presentation make software with thousands of features available. We’ve shown previously the process to make a picture transparent in Word. If you want to make your picture or object transparent in PowerPoint slide, you can definitely do that by following this process. If you’re making a poster in the slide, you probably want to add some extra images, textboxes, heading etc. Even if you use the online template, you can still add extra images, text boxes etc. to your poster to make it more informative and catchy to eyes.

How To Make A Poster In PowerPoint

  1. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint and click on File>New.
  2. Now, in the search box, type the word “poster” and hit enter. (Make sure you’ve active internet connection)how to make a poster in powerpoint
  3. Once you’ll hit enter, hundreds of poster search results will appear. Double click on any template and download it.poster in powerpoint
  4. After the download is complete, a new slide will be created automatically with the poster template.
  5. Click on the poster title and give the reading you want.
  6. Change the images text etc. as per needs.make a poster in powerpoint
  7. To add new items to your poster, click on the Insert tab and choose the object you want to insert.
  8. You can add any object without any limits, overlay them, add music to your presentation and all the necessary things you want.
  9. To embed YouTube video in PPT, click on the Video option. Adding a video will make your poster live.
  10. Save the Poster for future use.

Using this way, you can make a poster in PowerPoint. The process is simple and easy. If you’re having some problem following the process or have some queries regarding the process then you should comment down below.

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