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How To Make Background Transparent In Paint

Microsoft paint comes preloaded with your Windows OS. You can use it for free to do painting and photo editing. Paint has many features that makes it a good multi purpose software. Children can draw paintings on it, you can crop pictures using paint and much more stuff like that. Using paint is very simple and it has many features that user don’t know about. This software is only known for painting and drawing something on screen. If you have touch screen laptop then it will be very wonderful for you to create amazing paintings. Some users tries to make background transparent in paint and cropping their pictures with ease.

But, the problem with paint is that anyone can’t figure out to do something like cropping pictures as it doesn’t have special tool. You need to select many options to crop a picture and creating its background transparent. Making background transparent is very easy but you need to follow this article to know how to do this. Also, there’re few limitations about creating a background transparent in paint.

Microsoft’s paint can’t do that much high level job in creating your pictures transparent. You can perform editing this editing in single picture. All you can do is cut a picture within the paint and move it to any different location on the picture.

Make Background Transparent In Paint

When you use paint to make any object’s background transparent then only the white color will be disappeared. Below are the whole steps you can follow to make your objects transparent in Paint.

Step 1. First, browse your picture to paint. Open paint and select File>Open.

make background transparent in paint

Browse The Picture

Step 2. Select selection tool and select the object you’ve just created in paint.

how to make background transparent in paint

Select The Area

Step 3. Move this object to the picture where you need to make its background transparent. You’ll get picture’s white background along with it.

paint transparent background

Move To Required Place

Step 4. Click on selection tool and check the option of transparent background.

make transparent background of pic in paint easy

Select Transparent Background

Step 5. You’ll get result quickly. White background of the picture is removed and the object is transparent now.

remove white background from paint

Transparent Background

Save the picture, click File>Save As and browse he location where you wants to save this picture.

The bad thing about Paint is that it doesn’t allow its users to save a picture with transparent background. All you can do is that just select objects within this software and combine them anywhere in the software.

Paint is not that much powerful picture editing tool but you can use it as a light weight tool for cropping and modifying your pictures with ease. It has great tools for painting objects and other things in natural like way.

However, painting is the very first priority and Microsoft designed Paint for this purpose. You can use other software like Adobe Photoshop free version to edit your pictures in advance levels. Use paint only for painting and cropping and to do some editing things that paint can do for you easily. Overall this is the easiest method to make background transparent using paint.

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