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How To Make Money Online From Internet (Legit Ways)

There are a lot of ways nowadays by which you can make money online. Many people are using smart ways to make a huge amount of money online. A small investment of time and money will give you sweet earnings and more work means more money.

Most of the people think that making money online is just fraud and no one can make money online but the truth is that you can be next millionaire if you have skills and a platform where you can share your skills. So, the internet is here and you can make money through the Internet, which is the biggest and best place to shout your skills turning your passion into profit.

There are many ways using which you can make money online many categories and fields under which you can start working. We will be sharing here all the methods using which you can make money online.

We will be sharing most common and working ways by which you can turn your passion into profit.

Love Shooting Videos and Explaining Things!

If you love those type of things then you must try YouTube. YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing and watching videos online and also the second biggest search engine and also you can make money from youtube. Being on youtube doesn’t mean that you need to do reviews of products and doing all the technical stuff. You can also make other videos of any category which comes under YouTube community guidelines.

make money from youtube


Product reviews, technical videos, and other stuff like that isn’t always required on youtube. Below is the list of things that you can try on YouTube and these things also perform well on YouTube if you are not interested in making technical videos.

Vlogs – You can shoot crazy vlogs and then upload on YouTube. There is nothing technical in shooting your first vlogs, just shoot simple vlogs and upload it on youtube. Take care of video quality and all the stuff that you are going to show to others. Many users on YouTube are interested to know what’s going on your life.

Rides – If you loves to ride on bikes and loves to ride into crazy and beautiful roads! You can shoot your ride and the places where you went and upload it on YouTube. You need to but a camera which can be used to shoot the ride and the place where you visited with better video and audio quality.

Making Mysterious Videos – If you have skills to make other people feared or something like that then you can start a YouTube channel on mysterious topics and then explaining and adding crunch on videos.

How Much Money YouTube Will Give You (Make Money Online)

YouTube pays on clicks that users make on ads while watching your videos. YouTube never pays for the views and subscribers. YouTubers are only paid for the clicks that are made during watching their videos. More views mean more clicks so you need to make good stuff to get more views and more views more click on ads.

Every click that is made on YouTube ads have different CPC (Cost Per Click) and it varies from 0.01-10 dollar approximately on YouTube. So considering that you got 1000 views and 100 ad clicks on your video with 0.01 CPC then it will make you will be making 1 dollars for 1000 views with 100 clicks and 0.01 CPC.


Loves Photography and Capturing Moments Into Camera!

make money with photography

If you are a photography lover and loves to capture things into your camera then you passion of photography can turn into profit. Yes, you can make money with photography online. There are many online websites online providing the platform where you can sell your photos to other people and they will pay you for each download. ShutterStock like websites pays 0.25 dollars for each download that means that if you have 4 downloads in your image, it will make you 1 dollar. This money is sweet enough as 100 downloads will make you 25 dollars which is a good amount.

You can sign up as a contributor on Shutterstock and then verify your ID first. After verifying you ID you can upload photos there and start making money.


Loves Writing and Sharing Things and Tips!

This method is for those who loves to share their knowledge with others by writing. Blogging is the best way to do this thing. You just need to buy a domain and hosting and then install CMS and start sharing your knowledge with others.

make money from a blog

In fact, you can write about anything in blogging that you think many users searches online. You can write reviews, thoughts, tips, solutions and fixes for various things. Then display ads on your blog and do some marketing to make money.


Make money online through Affiliates!

Many people have skills to sell items and this skill can turn into big profit online. Many e-commerce companies provide affiliate marketing and you can make affiliate links and then sell products to people using those links. You can share affiliate links on Facebook or on any social website. If you have a blog then affiliate marketing will increase your profit.

It’s way to better than any other methods, all you need is a community where you can share those affiliate links. You can use sites like Amazon, Ebay which are trusted and you will get paid for each and every product you will sell. Simply signup for an affiliate account and start creating the product links that you want to sell, so you can make money online with affiliate marketing.

Have Other Skills Like Ethical Hacking, Making Paintings etc!

If you have skills like painting, making an artistic design, can make professional logos, arts, paintings and much more stuff like that then you can try Freelancing for this purpose. There are many good freelancing websites where you can sell your these kinds of skills with a sufficient amount of money.

how to make money freelancing

On freelancing, you can help other people for doing some things and they will pay you for that. There is no investment in freelancing and all you need to care about is deliver your services in time.

Below is the list of two freelancing websites where you can start making money online by freelancing. You can try a bunch of other freelancing websites but these two are more trusted.

Fiveer – Fiveer is a place where you need to make the explanation of work you can do for others. It can be anything like shooting a fun video with custom lines your customer wants to hear from you, you can dance for your customer on any song, you can make art for your customer, provide your customer ethical services, web development and much more stuff like that.

Freelancer – Freelancer is a platform where you need to make a bid on the services a particular customer wants to perform you. This website is basically more used for web development or software analysis or development purpose. If you have skills like that then you should really sign up for the freelancer.

These are the highest majority of things that you can do on the internet to make money online. Instead of doing 9-to-5 job, you can easily make a decent amount of money through the internet.


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