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How To Message Someone On YouTube

If you’re using YouTube for a long time, you probably want to message someone on YouTube. YouTube is one of the largest community where anyone can become a video creator. With the number of increase in viewers and creators, YouTube is testing new features and giving best possible features to viewers and YouTubers so that their community can grow well. Users can also send a private message to creator easily. There are few circumstances which a channel should meet in order to receive the private messages. A channel should not have community guideline strikes and should not have age-restricted content otherwise he can’t receive private messages. If we talk about the sender, anyone can send a message to the creator. It’s very easy and quick process and we’ve shown the complete and proper process in this article. YouTube has also introduced community feature where the creator can publish something and their followers will react on that. You can either drop your message there or can comment on the creator’s video if want to contact.

But, it’s not private as everyone can see your comment. Another option is E-Mailing the creator you want to contact. But, you need to use his E-Mail address and need to use an E-Mail account in order to send him a message. This process can be the little bit longer and why to use this option if you can send him a private message with one click.¬†This feature is really very flexible and easy to use. Message limit is around is 1500 characters and this means that you should write your complete message within 1500 characters.

Steps To Message Someone On YouTube

If you’ve met someone in the comment section on YouTube, and want to contact him, you can send him a private message. Even if the person you’re trying to contact hasn’t uploaded any single video, you can still contact him/her easily.

  1. Click on the channel you want to contact.
  2. Visit the About section.
  3. In the about section, you’ll see the Message icon.message someone on youtube
  4. Click on the message icon and a new popup box will appear.
  5. In the message box, type your message (limit of the message is 1500 characters).
  6. Once you’ve written your message, click on Send Message and your message will be sent to message someone on youtube

This is the quick and easy way you can use to message someone on YouTube. make sure that message you’re sending isn’t irrelevant. Also, if you’re not seeing the Message icon in the about section of any YouTube channel then this means that channel has age-restricted content or strikes.¬†Once your message is sent, the creator will reply you if he has attention towards is the message box. Message sent is not publicly visible and it’ll be the only visible in creators inbox.

There one more way you can use to message someone on YouTube. It can be done through your community feature called Messaging. Using the messages inbox, one can send and receive the messages as well.

Use Messages Page To message Someone On YouTube

  1. Open your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the Creators Studio option by clicking on the channel’s icon on the top right side of the screen. If you’re using multiple YouTube channels, select the channel you want to use to send the to send message on youtube
  3. From the left side menu, choose Community>Messages.message youtube creator
  4. In the inbox, click on Send Message option.
  5. Choose the channel you want to message.
  6. Type your message and send it.

We now hope that you’re able to message someone on YouTube. The process is really very quick and easy. If you still have some queries regarding the procedure ten leave a comment down below and we’ll reach you soon.

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