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How To Print Powerpoint With Notes

In PowerPoint presentation slides, we can add notes which acts as the quotation or the brief description of the slide. There are many reasons behind using the notes in our presentation slides. if we add notes to our slide, we can display them on our second monitor. If you’ve entered notes to your slides then you probably want to print them along with the sides. We can print notes easily with or without the thumbnail in PowerPoint which is the good thing as not all people want to print the thumbnails along with the slides. PowerPoint is really a very flexible slides presentation maker and we’ve shown in an article about making a poster in PowerPoint and you should check this out. Read down the full guide on how to print PowerPoint with notes.

In a PowerPoint slide, you can add notes very easily. If you don’t know the process of adding notes to your slide, read the quick guide given down below.

  • Open the slide where you want to add the notes.
  • Now, on the bottom of the screen, you’ll get the Notes option.
  • Click on the Notes option and a small text box will appear.
  • Type the note you want to add to your slide.Print Powerpoint With Notes
  • Save your slide for the future use.

This is the quick process to add notes to your slide. The process is very quick and easy. We all know that if someone is adding notes to their slides then it’s obvious that there’s the huge importance of those notes in the slide and no one want to lose them if printing the slides.

How To Print Powerpoint With Notes (With Thumbnail)

In PowerPoint, we can print the slides with notes including the thumbnails. Below are the detailed steps to print PowerPoint with notes.

  1. Open the powerpoint presentation whose notes you want to print with the slides.
  2. Then click on the File and choose Print option.How To Print Powerpoint With Notes
  3. In the settings section click on the Full Page Slide.
  4. A new dialogue box will appear, click on Notes Pages option.powerpoint with notes
  5. To change the page orientation, then select the orientation you want to give to your page e.g portrait or landscape orientation.
  6. If you don’t want to print the page in default color mode which is Color then you can change the colors to Gray style or Pure Black and White.
  7. At last click on the Print button to print PowerPoint with notes.notes print with powerpoint

Not all users want to print the slides with the thumbnail and we can do this very easily in PowerPoint. Below are all the steps you need to follow.

Print Powerpoint With Notes (Without Thumbnail)

  1. First, open the presentation in PowerPoint. We need to change some settings in order to print notes in PowerPoint slides without thumbnail.
  2. Then from the slides view menu, click on the slide whose thumbnail needed to be excluded from being printed.
  3. Then click on the thumbnail and press Delete key. The thumbnail will be deleted.
  4. Then navigate to File>Print and in the settings select Full Page Slides.
  5. Now, a new dialogue box will appear and then choose the option Notes Pages.
  6. Change the page orientation to landscape or portrait as per needs.
  7. In order to change the print color, select the color option and choose the color style e.g gray style or black and white as per needs.
  8. Then click on Print button to start the printing of the slides with notes and without the thumbnails.

This is the complete and detailed process to print PowerPoint with notes. If you’re having some problems in following the process or have some queries regarding the process then comment down below and we’ll reply you with a working solution.

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