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Remove Write Protection From Pen Drive and Solve Disk is Write Protected Error

Write protection in a storage device means that anyone who’s accessing the storage can view all the information but can’t change anything. This means until you remove write protection from pen drive, you can’t do any change in that storage device. Consider you’ve some files in a USB Pendrive, and you’ve enabled write protection. Now, someone plugged your USB into the computer and start viewing the files/folders etc. But, if the user tried to change the file name or any change in the content, he won’t be able to do that. It’s because the disk is write protected. USB Write protected means that no one can change or add new information to the existing items. This is a kind of security feature to prevent your files being changed by the unauthorized person. But, if the disk is write protected by mistake and you don’t know how to remove write protection on flash drive, then read this article. We’ve explained every way to remove write protection from USB easily.

When USB write protection is enabled, and you’re trying to copy the files from the USB/Pendrive, you’ll get the error saying: “This Disk Is Write Protected”. Now, you can’t do anything with the data that disk has. If you think that disk is write protected by mistake then there are some ways using which you can do this. Even nowadays Pendrive/SD Card Readers has a switch which enables write protection on the USB/Pendrive. most users don’t even know about that switch and take it as a useless thing. But, this switch can protect your data being changed/copied by unauthorized people. Even in Windows OS, there are many tools and software which can enable write protection. If you’re in trouble with disk write protected problem, the learn how to remove write protection from pen drive by reading our top ways given below.

These three ways are useful in order to remove write protection from any Pendrive. In this world of technology, we are using Pendrives in order to transfer data like videos, files, music etc. Pendrives have one of the security feature called Write Protection which disables the access to download, upload or editing files from the Pendrive. We can remove this protection by following ways.

Steps To Remove Write Protection On Pen Drive/Flash Drive/USB Pendrive

Check USB/Drive/Card Reader Protect Switch

Most people don’t even know about this switch. Many USB Pendrives/SD Card Readers has this switch which quickly enables the write protection. This little key might be the reason behind your disk is write protected problem. The simple solution is that check if you have this write protect switch or not. If you have then switch it to the unlock position to remove write protection on flash drive etc. This will remove write protection from pen to remove write protection on flash drive

Use Registry Editor To Remove USB Write Protection

Registry values define how Windows OS will work. Change in the registry values might result in big harm to your OS. Maybe due to any 3rd party application or due to virus attack, your registry values are changed. If storage device policies values are changed then you might be in a big trouble. The disk is write protected like problems prefaces if storage device policies values are changed without proper knowledge. Hence, there are many possibilities that in your case, USB write protected problem is due to change in the storage policies.

Registry editor can be used to remove write protection from any drive. Registry editor collects resources for windows and contains values. Follow the steps below to remove write protection from Pen drive:

  1. Press Win+R and type “regedit” and hit enter.
  3. Now double-click the “WriteProtect” key located on the right side panel and set the value to 0. (Create WriteProtect key if not available)


remove write protection from pen drive

4.Now press OK and restart your device. Registry changed values only works when you restart your Windows device.

Use CMD To Remove Write Protection From Pen Drive

  1. First, open command prompt as administrator. Press Win+X and select CMD Administrator.
  2. Now, type diskpart and hit enter.
  3. Type “list disk” and press Enter. This command will display all the drives connected to your computer.
  4. Now, type select disk (disk number) e.g “select disk 1“. (Make sure your disk number is the disk on which write protection is enabled. The size of the disk is written in MB, read the size of the drives connected and identify your drive.
  5. We now need to list all the volumes. So, type: “list volume“.
  6. Now, select the volume by typing: “select volume 1“.
  7. Type “attributes disk clear readonly” and press enter. This command will remove the read-only attributes from the disk which is the reason behind disk is write protected problem.
  8. Type “exit“ and press enter.

Format Your USB Drive To Remove Write Protection

Maybe a format will fix your problem. If USB write protection is enabled using the software/tool. Then it might possible that tool used has saved some configuration files due to which USB write protected error is shown while modifying/copying the files stored in the drive.

You should try formatting your USB drive to solve the problem. Below are the steps to format a drive. (Note: All The Data inside The Pendrive Will Be Deleted)

  1. Select Your Pendrive from the drives list in My Computer.
  2. Right click on it and select Format.
  3. Now, uncheck the Quick Format box and click on Start.
  4. Wait till the format is complete. I’ll take more time as this isn’t a quick format.
  5. Once the format is complete, all your files are gone but you’ve successfully removed write protection from the Pendrive. Copy some new files to check if everything is working fine or not.

We now hope that you’ve solved your drive is write protected problem by following the fixes given above. If you’re still having the problem then comment down below. We’ll help you to remove write protection on flash drive. Describe your problem with us and we’ll provide you the best solution shortly.

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