How To Run Linux On Windows (Kali Linux, Backtrack, Ubuntu)

How To Run Linux On Windows (Kali Linux, Backtrack, Ubuntu)

Linux is known for its open source environment and hence anyone can modify Linux according to their needs. On another hand, Windows is not open source but it has very good HUI and applications that are useful for daily use. Linux is open source with many tools that can be used for ethical hacking and penetration testing but Linux doesn’t have many applications and Softwares that are usually used for daily work. Also, Linux can be more complex to use for some users so most of the Laptops and Computers comes preloaded with Windows OS. But there are some users who are thinking about using or trying any Linux OS but they don’t want to delete Windows OS that is installed on their system. It might be frustrating if you have installed any Linux build completely in your Machine and removing previously installed Windows OS, if you’re having a problem with installed Linux OS in your machine then it will be very time to consuming for you to roll back into Windows.

So, we will be showing you the top three ways to use or run Linux on windows without installing it completely on your Machine.

1.Using Virtual Box To Install Linux On Windows

Virtual boxes are the best way to use any OS on your default installed OS. Virtual boxes are used to create virtual machines with different OS. You can create many virtual machines with any OS.

Choosing A Good Virtual Box:

To Run Linux On Windows, there are many VirtualBox software available and some of them are paid and some are free. You can use VirtualBox that meets your specifications. We are using Oracle VM Virtual Box to install a Linux Build that is designed for hackers and known as Kali Linux.

Steps To Install Linux In Virtual Box:

  1. First of all download image of Linux OS, you want to install on your Virtual machine. Here we are installing Kali Linux in our Virtual Box.
  2. Download and install your Virtual box. We are using Oracle VM Virtual Box for this purpose. It’s free to use.
  3. Open the virtual box and click New to create new virtual machine. Give your new virtual machine name and set the type to Linux choose the version and give it the Memory Size according to your need. Choose Create a Virtual Hard Disk Now and click Create.create virtual machine
  4. Now in next screen, you can select the location where your Virtual Hard Drive will be created and give the space to this hard drive according to your need. But you should give it at least 16GB of space to work properly with Virtually installed OS.create virtual hard disk
  5. Now your VM will be created and right-click on it and select Settings.
  6. Go-To network section and set the network properties for the VM so that you can connect to the network while using this virtual machine.kali linux network setting in virtual box
  7. Go-To storage section and browse the image file of your OS. You can do this by clicking Controller: IDE and click the little picture of a tree kali linux
  8. Now you can start using your Linux build in your virtual box. We recommend you to use Linux with live mode because in case you messed with Linux OS you can again reboot your VM and again use Linux in live mode and there will be no problem in using Linux builds. But if you wants to save your files then you should install it in VM. You can do it easily by following instructions on the screen.kali linux live boot

This is the simplest way to use Linux OS on Windows by directly creating a VM using any free or paid Virtual Box. You can run Linux builds on live mode or by installing them using VM and then using them on your Windows OS. There is now need to install them on your any disk partition. You can do it directly using VM.


Using Cygwin To Run Most Of Linux Commands On Windows

Cygwin is the best tool to run powerful commands that you can similarly use in any Linux builds. If you don’t want to install Linux as a virtual machine use this software that can fulfill your requirements that a Linux OS can do for you.

Steps To Use Cygwin On Windows:

You need to download and install Cygwin in your Windows OS. Then you will be able to run most of the Linux commands easily.

  1. Download Cygwin from their official website or from any trusted source.
  2. Open the installer and of through basic steps but there are few steps where you need to pay attention.
  3. Select download from the internet and then it will be downloading and installing required files from the internet.create a download source
  4. You can change installation directory path. By default it will be installed on C: drive but you can change it on this step.install cygwin
  5. On the next menu, you can select the mirror using which you need to download the files from the internet. A good mirror will give you a high-speed download and your installation will be more quickly done. choose a download site
  6. Next screen will be asking for the packages that you need to install with Cygwin. You can make the selection to default but also can select packages according to yo your packages
  7. Now, wait till your installation is done. It might take some time depending your internet connection speed and system’s specifications.terminal


Now your installation is successfully done but you still need to create the environment variable for using Cygwin properly.

Steps to add Environment variable for Cygwin

  1. Go to advance system setting. You can search control panel to find it.
  2. Click on edit environment variable.
  3. Add new path and browse the path of Cygwin and click on edit.
  4. At the end type the line given below.;C:\Cygwin\bin
  5. Open CMD and check some of the Linux commands to check that Cygwin is working properly or making errors.

By using above Steps you can easily Run Linux On Windows. There are options that you can choose from. So, pick one you like to run Linux and enjoy with Linux OS.

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