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How To Search For a Word On a Web Page

Billions of people are active on Internet every day. Several Exabytes of data is consumed and generated by users worldwide. That’s a huge amount as billions of data is consumed by the users worldwide on a single day. We’re downloading/streaming movies, games, songs, video games and many other things. The web world is growing very fast. Businesses are getting online, billions of people are using social networking websites and many other things on the internet. We just need an internet browser and an internet connection to access the entire world. You’re on this web page because of the internet. Users kept increasing their knowledge about the internet and using the internet. This helps users to browse the web properly. Browsing the long web pages is really difficult. If we want to search for a word on a web page, it becomes very difficult.

As the internet is growing, curiosity is also growing. Hence, users kept reading more and more things from the internet. Like HOW-TO Tutorials, cooking, facts, theories, books etc. We all use a web browser which loads the website’s page. If the page is very long and you want to search for a word then it’ll take very long time. Like you’re reading an article on “Best Cat Food You Can Serve To Cats” now the article you’re reading is very long, like 3000-4000 words long. Now, you’re feeding a food to the cat named as “Food” (let’s assume) and you quickly want to know whether that food is listed on that web page or not.

If you’re manually finding that food name on that website’ it’ll take very long time. So, you need to search for a word on a web page named (Food). How can you do that? The simple solution is searching for that word on web page. Most of the users don’t know how to search for a word on a web page. So, we’ll explain each and everything regarding this topic in the article given below.

Search For a Word On a Web page

Most of the browser supports the inbuilt search function. Users can use that to find any word/phrase on the entire web page. This feature is available on all web browsers from the starting point of their development. So, don’t worry about whether this is available on the updated version of web browsers. This is the very common thing every browser supports. in fact, there are several advanced searching tools for web browsers which can search/replace the words for you on any web page if you’re writing something on a web page.

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Using The Find Function On Browser

As we listed above that every browser has search functionality. Below is the simple way you can use to use it.

  1. Windows Users: Press Ctrl+F on the keyboard.
    Mac Users: Press Command+F on the keyboard.
  2. Now, a box will appear on the top right of the screen. Type the word you want to search. (We’re using Google Chrome here)
  3. Once you’ve entered the word/phrase you want to search, the search box will show a number of matches on that web to search a word on a web page
  4. If there’s no match 0 will be 0 of 0 will be shown on search words on page
  5. Your scrollbar will be highlighted telling you in which section of the page, those matched words/phrases are word on a web page
  6. Searched word/phrase which matched the content will be highlighted on the web page. Scroll the page and find/read what you’re looking to find a word on a web page

This is the simple process to search for a word on a web page. Users can simply search for a word on a web page on MAC and Chrome or on any other platform/browser.

But, what about searching for multiple words/ phrases at once. Let’s say you’re searching for “Best Movies” and you’ve several movies name on your mind like 3-4 movies. Now, you want to know whether those movies are listed on top movies list or not. Simply, you’re searching for more than 1 word on a web page. The inbuilt search functionality in web browsers allows users to search for a single word or continuous phrase.

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Use Search Extension To Search Multiple Words On A Web Page

To search for multiple words on a web page you need to use any external tool. In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox you can use Multihighlighter extension. This highlights all the words you type in its search box. Every resulted word is then highlighted in different color.

  1. Download and add the extension to your browser. Links: Chrome, Firefox.
  2. Now, after adding the extension, click on it and a search box will appear.
  3. Type list of words you want to find.
  4. All the searched words on a web page will be highlighted in different multiple words on a web page


We hope you’ve completely understood about searching a word on a webpage. If you still have some questions or confusion, commend down below and we’ll help you.

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