How To See How Much RAM Is Being Used [How To Check RAM]

How To See How Much RAM Is Being Used? Learn How To Check RAM & Usage

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the volatile memory which stores your data temporarily. When power is turned off, your data will be instantly erased. This volatile storage is very important in the computer as data stored in this memory can be accessed by the processor very quickly. More RAM means more data can be saved and hence more processes can be queued without any problem. If you’re running a huge number of applications at once on a computer having a small amount of RAM, then your computer will start lagging. Hence, RAM plays important role in computer performance. However, users can increase computer ram by upgrading the RAM or using virtual RAM. But, you should know how much RAM you have installed. In this article, we’ve shown how to see how much RAM is being used by applications. Also, know how to check RAM as may users don’t know how much RAM do I have.

More RAM doesn’t mean more powerful performance. There are many other facts which matter in the performance of the computer like CPU Processing unit and RAM management also. If you’ve installed 8 GB of RAM and RAM is being used by such apps that you’re not running, then you’ll be running out of the RAM and performance will not decrease. In Windows OS, there are many background applications and services which kept running in the background. If you don’t close those applications, those will be eating a huge part of your RAM. So, it’s important to know how to see how much RAM is being used.

You can monitor how much RAM your software or applications are using. To know how much RAM any application is using in your computer you have to do few steps. In our machine RAM and CPU are the units which are responsible for giving the performance. Many applications run smoothly if you are having more RAM. But if you are having about 1GB of RAM on your PC then your PC might become a buggy machine if you’re running many applications at once. Even some users don’t know that how much RAM do I have. We’ve also shown a guide on how to check RAM installed on your computer.

Many applications are running in the background without your information and this is also the big reason that you PC is hanging or not giving the good performance. Many software also runs in the background without your information. So, it’s important to see how much ram is being used. So here we are sharing a quick guide to “how to see how much RAM is being used”.

How To Check RAM? How Much RAM Do I Have?

Before learning the steps to check RAM usage by applications, let us show you how to check RAM in Windows and MAC OS. Many users are using the computer without knowing how much RAM do I have. This happens with those users who are not very techy and using their computer only for work. Also, if you bought a new computer an don’t know how much RAM do I have on this computer, then follow the steps given below. We’ve explained the steps. Learn how to check RAM by steps given below.

How To Check RAM In Windows:

In Windows OS, you can easily check how much RAm is installed. There’s no need to download and use any 3rd party tool for this purpose. YOu can view the system properties to know how much RAM do I have.

  1. Select My PC and Right-Click>Properties.
  2. A new Window will appear and there you can see how much RAM you’ve much RAM do i have

How To Check RAM in MAC

  1. Click on Apple logo and select About This MAC.
  2. In overview tab, you’ll get installed Memory (RAM)
  3. Click on Memory tab to view more details about installed RAM.

Monitor The RAM Usage In Windows

Profits To Know How Much RAM Is Being Used :

  1. You can monitor application’s RAM usage and can terminate them if you don’t want to run that application to run in the background.
  2. You can note down which applications needs more RAM to run.
  3. Easily speed up your PC’s performance by terminating unnecessary applications and processes.
  4. Know how much RAM is being used and how much RAM is free.

See how Much RAM Is Being Used

  1. Click on the Taskbar and Right-Click-Task Manager.
  2. Once task manager will appear, click on More Details.
  3. Then select Performance tab. There you’ll get all the CPU and RAM usage related details.

how to check RAM

How To See How Much RAM Is Being Used By Applications

  1. First of all, navigate your cursor to the Taskbar and the “Right Click” and select “Task Manager”. Task manager is a program which can be used to know the statistics like CPU Usage, RAM Usage etc.

2. Now a small window will appears known as the task manager. Click on More Details to get more details about all tasks running on your PC. This will show you all the processes and tasks currently running on your PC. Stats: CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk usage and Network usage.

3. Look for the application which is using more RAM of your machine. If there’s any application whose Memory Usage is very high, you can terminate it by Right-Click>End Task. Most of the application runs in the background and without your knowledge and slows down your machine. Scroll to the background application and select the application which isn’t useful and terminate that application.

4. In my case, an application named “ffmpeg.exe” is taking a very large amount of memory so firstly I will go to its details to look whether it’s a system task or any external application’s task.

How To See How Much RAM Is Being Used

5. To know whether it’s a system’s task or any installed software’s task I’m opening its location. I found that this application is related to a software which I was using a few moments back. Even after closing the application, this task is running in the background.

This is the easiest way to monitor the RAM usage without using any software/tool in Windows OS. Know you know how to see how much RAM is being used in Windows OS using task manager.

Note: – Many processes in background section are system’s task and you should prefer to open its file location. If its file location is presented in System32 or any location where your drivers are installed then don’t end the task, this may halt your system and you have to restart your system again.

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