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How To Show Hidden Files (Windows 10)

Windows 10 seems to be complicated to some users but it’s very easy to use. In fact, Windows 7 is a little bit time-consuming in showing/hiding the files. From the launch of Windows 8, it’s very easy to show or hide your files. By default, when users hide any file/folder from the files settings it’ll be hidden till user shows the hidden files. It’s amazing as there’s no need to take care of hidden files because those are hidden from other people. The only thing to worry about is that anyone can accidentally delete those files. Even if you don’t know your file is hidden, you might delete it without even knowing that your file is in that folder/location. The biggest threat to hidden files is being deleted without knowing. So, you can check a folder whether it contains hidden file/folder or not. If it contains any files or not.

The process of showing hidden files in Windows 7 was confusing and it takes some time. Everyone will have to learn the process to show the hidden files in Windows 10, But, in Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the user interface for this purpose. Now it’s easy to perform this task. This is why Microsoft always said that they take care of user experience.

When you enable the show hidden files option, all the files are visible in all locations under file explorer. Hence, there’s no need to change the settings for every single folder or location. Follow the steps given below to find your hidden files.

How To Show Hidden Files in Windows 10

There are three methods to show hidden files in Windows 10. All the steps are very simple to perform and if you’re not a very techy person, Method 1 is very easy and simple for you. But many people want to learn more about Windows 10 so we’ve included two more methods.

Method 1. Using File Explorer

  1. Open your file explorer by clicking on File Explorer tab on the taskbar or just open My PC or any folder from desktop.
  2. Click on View option on top of the file hidden files in windows 10
  3. You’ll be able to see the settings for hidden files. Tick the box that says Show Hidden Files and your hidden files will be to show hidden files windows 10

This method is very simple and you should use this method to show your hidden files in WIndows 10. Also, this method works similarly in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. So, if you’ve remembered these simple steps, you’ll be able to show hidden files in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well. Below are some other methods you should check out.

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Method 2. Using Control Panel

In control panel, there is Folder Options setting available from where users can change the folder settings. These folder settings also include the settings for your files and other files and other files related settings. This method works on Windows 7-Windows 10. So, feel geeky after learning this method.

  1. First, open control panel in Windows 10.
  2. Now, search for Folder Option and open it.
  3. Click on the View tab and select Show Hidden the hidden files in windows
  4. Apply and check your hidden files. Those should be visible now.

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Method 3. Using Registry Editor

As we all know that registry editor can be used to change most of the things in WIndows. It’s the greatest thing which is available for users to access in Windows.YOu can change registry values to make your Windows run like the way you want to. Hence, users can edit registry values to show the hidden files or change the hidden files settings.

1. Press Win+R and type regedit. Give it administrator privileges.

2. Now, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Advanced.

3. Set the Hidden key value to 1 to show hidden files and folders. Set it to 2 if you want to hide the hidden files/ 10 hidden files show


You’re done and now all your hidden files will be visible in Windows 10. This method also works on all other versions of Windows.

All three methods will make your system to show hidden folders and files in windows 10 and these are also helpful to show hidden files in windows 8, 7 and previous versions.

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