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How To Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and secure browsers so far. It’s not just the saying but it has a number of security features that keep your system and itself safe while browsing/surfing the internet. One of the security features that chrome has is keeping your system/browser safe from preventing the downloads of suspicious files.

This feature of Google Chrome is helpful for preventing the automatic download of malicious files. These files can be in form of an extension, and basically, you will see that if that security feature enabled on chrome then you can’t download an exe file. Once the download of such files is about to start, Chrome will instantly block it and will not get the single byte of that file enters the system.

This feature is helpful for those downloads when you are unaware that some file is actually started downloading which is malicious. However, it’s really annoying when you actually know what you are downloading but chrome will keep on blocking those download. Such cases you need to disable that feature.

If you don’t know how to stop chrome from blocking download, then here is how you can do this:


Stop Chrome From Blocking Downloads

To disable the security feature of chrome which is preventing you from download those files which you aware of, then follow these steps and disable it.

  • Open Google chrome and go to top right corner of chrome window and select the three dots icon.                                     click menu icon chrome top right corner
  • Now it will show the menu list, select settings.                                                                                                                      selecting settings chrome top right corner menu
  • Scroll down to the Settings page and click Advanced settings.                                                                                            Advanced settings chrome browser
  • Under Advanced settings page, Go to Privacy and security section and disable the option says,”Protect you and your device from dangerous sites.                                                                                                                              blocking download option chrome

Once you are done disabling this option. It will never block your downloads and you can keep on downloading files from any websites. However, it may ask you to keep on downloading the file or discard the file, only if it is an exe, swf or some other kind of file.

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