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How To Uninstall Skype From Windows 10, 8, 7

No doubt that when it comes to using video messaging and calling app everyone has installed Skype on their systems. This is one of the oldest and best apps in the market. During each past year, this has been spreaded with more quality with maximized and suitable features for its users. Availability for each platform of the system makes it more frequently used hackneyed app. But somehow if you are getting any problems on Skype during chat, or even with sign-in to your account through the app/software on your PC or Mobile then it can be a issue because of improper installation, which can be caused by your systems setting or even not having proper storage space to perfectly install the application configuration files and packages on your device/system. In such cases, you need to uninstall Skype from windows to reinstall it again to work smoother as it should be.

Whether you reinstall Skype for proper working or switching to another one, you probably not gonna keep it on your system, since it’s already having problem, sometimes you might be thinking to delete Skype from pc directly but that is not gonna work out because it will remove the .exe of it, but the config and other files will remain on your system with lots of errors, so you better uninstall skype from your windows system.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow in order to Uninstall skype from Windows Pc:

Note: Before starting this process and uninstall Skype, you should backup all your chat data, so you can recover them for later use after reinstalling Skype.

  1. First, you need to stop the running process by Skype, so simply go to your task bar and right click on skype icon, select Quit or Quit Skype option.quit skyoe option
  2. Now, Press Windows+R Keys on the keyboard, you, ll see the run windows will appear, type appwiz.cpl on it. This will open the Programs and features windows where you can uninstall the windows programs such as skype and other programs as windows appwiz.cplOr, you can go to Programs and Features windows manually by going to Control panel and Selecting Programs option.  programs and features on control windows
  3. From Programs and Features window you can select skype and choose Uninstall option to remove it from your system.

By following the above four steps you can delete skype from windows or Uninstall it easily. However, in some cases if you are unable to do it then simply follow these below steps to do it in another way.


  1. Press Windows+R key to open Run window. Type %appdata% data run windows
  2. Run command will take you to the Folder library of Roaming data, where you can see all the application softwares data folders, you need to find the Skype folder on the list, select Skype folder, right click on it and choose delete.
    Deleting Skype Folder
  3. To make sure that the Skype Folder is now deleted, we need to cross check by going to C:\Program Files (in Windows 7, 8 and windows 10, go to C:\Program Files (x86)), Search the Skype and SkypePM folder there. If you find out any of them or both, just delete them as the way we for previous skype folder.
  4. Now, we need to delete the Skype entries from Registry, this area is very senstive because of lots of configuration files and data, if you did modify something wrong here, it can cause some serious problems  in your computer. So make sure to follow the steps correctly.


  • Press Windows+R keys and type regedit on the run windows and hit enteror click Ok.regedit on run window
  • It can ask you for permissions, simply click yes and you will see Registry Editor on the next window.
  • Click on Edit option from the Registry Editor from menu and select Find option.Registory Editor Edit Find
  • On the find window type Skype and click Find Next.Find Next Skype registry editor
  • You will get the list of all the files which relates to Skype, Delete all of them by right-clicking and choose the delete option.

This above method is the manual way to remove or delete Skype from windows rather than using Programs and Features windows to Uninstall Skype. This Manual process of removing Skype from windows is something similar which you can use while having the problem with other programs during uninstall process, so you can use it there as well. Some steps might be different but the concept of removing will be the same on all.

Reinstall Skype: After going through all of the steps you might wanna reinstall Skype again and enjoy the smoother, faster and accessible Skype. Below is the link to Skype’s official website where you can download the latest version of it.

Download Skype Latest Version


If the First method of Uninstalling Skype from your system worked for you then its great. IF not then must try the second option, which can be the case only if somehow the application is not deleting through Programs and Features window or maybe some other reason for not deleting from there. But both method to Delete or Uninstall Skype from windows works on windows xp, vista, windows 8 and obviously windows 10 as well.

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