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Import Firefox Bookmarks To Chrome

Importing and exporting data between browser becomes very easy these days. Few clicks can do this job for you. It’s very useful as if you decided to switch to other browser or also want to show your favorite bookmarks on another browser. Nowadays, every browser has is able to export and import data from other browsers. It can be done using any exported HTML file or direct transfer of data between browsers. Similarly, if you’ve decided to transfer all Firefox bookmarks to Chrome, you can do it very easily. Most of the users don’t know how to do this. If you’re Firefox user and want to import Firefox bookmarks to Chrome then you’re at right article. We’ll show you the exact way of doing this. Several steps needed to be performed in order to import Firefox bookmarks to Google Chrome.

Bookmarks are the very quick way to open your favorite web page quickly. Just select your bookmark and you’re landed on your web page. Not only web pages but users can bookmark Settings pages in browsers to change settings quickly. However, if you’ve bookmarked settings then it won’t be able to work on other browsers as Setting URL is different in different browsers.

But, if you’ve Bookmarked a lot of websites and web pages then import them to Chrome and save your time. Bookmarking all those web pages will consume a lot of time as you’ll have to visit the web page, then add the name to bookmark and so on. So, follow the steps given below and transfer your bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome.

Import Firefox Bookmarks To Chrome

In order to import Bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome, you’ll have to export the bookmark file from Firefox. The file should be exported in HTML format so that it can be imported by Chrome. Any other format isn’t accepted by Chrome. Also, you can Import whole data from Firefox to Chrome without exporting any file. We’ve explained both the methods given below.

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Method 1. Using Bookmarks Exported HTML File

  1. Open Firefox and click on Bookmarks button and select Show All Bookmarks. (Ctrl+Shift+B)Import Firefox Bookmarks To Chrome
  2. Now, Bookmark library will appear, click on Import and Backup.
  3. Select Export Bookmark to HTML and browse the location to save the HTML file which will be needed in next steps.firefox to chrome bookmarks transfer
  4. Once bookmarks are exported from Firefox, open Chrome browser and select Options Menu and then Bookmakrs>Import Bookmarks and Settings.bookmarks transfer from firefox to chrome browser
  5. Then select Bookmarks HTML File from the drop down list.import bookmarks of firefox to chrome
  6. Click on Choose File and select Exported HTML file.importing firefox bookmarks
  7. Wait till the bookmarks are Imported to import bookmarks

This is the first method you can use to import bookmarks only from Firefox. In fact, there’s another method which is easier than this. There’s no need to export any HTML file. Chrome will automatically detect all the bookmarks available in Firefox and will be imported to Chrome.

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Method 2. Using Chrome’s Bookmark Importer

  1. Type chrome://settings/importData and hit enter in CHrome’s URL bar.
  2. Select Firefox from the list and check the option for Favourites/Bookmarks and click on Import. (Make Sure Firefox Is Closed)data transfer bookmarks firefox to chrome
  3. Wait till the bookmarks are imported top Chrome browser from Firefox.


We hope you’ve successfully imported Bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome. These steps are very simple and we’ve explained them step by step with pictures. You can easily follow the steps to import Firefox bookmarks to Chrome. If you liked our article then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Comment down below if you’ve some questions.

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