How To Increase Battery Backup Of Your Laptop(Top 5 Ways)

Increase Battery Backup of your Laptop


How To Increase Battery Backup Of Your Laptop (Top 5 Ways)

Laptops are now becoming the heart of youths as it becomes less time consuming to maintain and cleaning the laptop. There is wide range of laptops in the market. Laptops are portable and deliver high-end performance to users. Laptop’s inbuilt features like WiFi, WebCam, Speakers, Bluetooth, Mike makes it a machine full of facilities. In this time laptop suffers from battery problem as we use laptop for many works and its battery drains fastly. Many of hard-core gamers are having a serious problem with the battery. Many laptops in the market trying to prove that their battery is more lasting. Many of users think that only way left is to change their battery but this isn’t the last solution. There are few other ways by using which we can also increase the life of our old battery.

If you are suffering from battery life problem then try following things:-

Solution 1:- 

Plug Out Mouse/Pendrive Which Are Not In Use And Turn Off WiFi&Bluetooth After Use.

Many times we kept plugged in some pen drives or mouse which is no longer in use. Consider that if you are running out of charging point then consider using only your inbuilt Mouse and Keyboard. External mouse and keyboards take too much power and reduce your laptop’s battery life. You should also turn off WiFi/Bluetooth after use as this wireless feature requires too much batter to run and this will definately save some of your laptop battery .


Solution 2:-

Turn Off Unnecessary Applications And Processes

Many times we minimize application which isn’t necessary for us or not in use and those applications are also using some of your battery which is also a reason of draining the battery quickly. So it is necessary that you close that application. This is also a good way to save your battery more efficiently and smartly.


Solution 3:-

Using Battery Saver

Battery saver is the best way to save your battery life as its inbuilt feature which kills all the unnecessary processes in the background and helps you to improve your battery life. In windows 10 battery saver in automatically turned on as battery falls down below the critical point or the point set by you. You can also turn on it manually by Right Click On Battery>Turn On Battery Saver. It’s the best way to save your battery life.

Solution 4:-

Turning Brightness To Low Level

Most of the battery is used by your screen and about 30% of battery is used by the screen. If your brightness is high it means that your battery is going to ruin very quickly. So to make your battery long lasting you should turn your brightness level to low.

It might be very hard for those who are using laptops in high external lights or in daylight but drop your brightness level to that level where you can read things displaying on the screen.

Solution 5:-

By Doing Less Multitasking 

Multitasking means running more and more programs at once like running game and listening to songs at once. This requires too much battery as to give a more good performance and your battery will ruin very quickly. So it is suggested to do less multitasking in case you need more battery life from your laptop.

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