How To Increase Data Transfer Speed Of Pendrive

Increase Data Transfer Speed pendrive
Increase Data Transfer Speed pendrive

Pendrives data transfer speed can be increased by doing some changes. To Increase data transfer speed you need to change the format type of pen drive and other policies related to data transfers speed.

Nowadays computers are required in every field of life. Life without computers will be very tough in these days.Pendrive is very useful in order to transfer files between two computer machines. Using Pendrive we can transfer files, documents, music, movies, games and all other stuff with ease. Life without Pendrive also seems to be very tough for games and movies lovers because of the very big size of games and movies which can’t be downloaded from the internet with ease.

SomePpendrives data transfer speed is very good and some of the Pendrives sucks while transferring data over two machines. It may happen because your Pendrive is faulty or machine’s capability of transferring data is low. But if your Pendrive manufacturer says that it provides high data transfer speed, but you aren’t getting that much speed, then you can try following steps given below to increase data transfer speed of your Pendrive.

First Of All Take A Look On Which Factors Data Transfer Speed Depends: –

  1. Your Pendrive’s file system (format) type.
  2. Device Policy.
  3. Hardware Performance.
  4. Files Type (Generally Files With Small Size And Big In Amount Takes More Time To Transfer)
  5. Other factors may also depend on.

Increasing Transfer Speed Of Pendrive: –

Below are the methods using which you can increase data transfer rate of Pendrive.

Method 1: –

Change the file system of Pendrive to NTFS because FAT32 doesn’t provide more data transfer speed.

  1. Right click on your Pendrive and select “Format” option.
  2. Then select file system to NTFS, uncheck Quick Format and click format.

This is not quick format so it will take much time to format your Pendrive. But after that, your data transfer speed will be increased.

Method 2: –

Changing Device Policy will also help you to increase data transfer speed of Pendrive. Below are the steps to change device policy.

  1. Right click on your Pendrive and select Hardware tab, now select your Pendrive and click on Properties.

2. Now in next popup Window select Change Settings option.

3. Now select Policies tab and click on “Better Performance” as shown below.


Your Pendrive will now give better performance and data transfer rate will also be increased.

These are the methods using which you can increase the speed of data transfer in your pendrive. But doing these steps isn’t enough as your hardware specification should be better. Below are some points to notice about your hardware specification.

  1. You are still on USB 2.0 or upgraded to USB 3.0.
  2. You are using a good Pendrive or any cheap bad quality Pendrive.
  3. Your OS is running smoothly or not.
  4. Format your Pendrive after few days. At least once a month for better results.

Note: – Create a backup of data before formatting your Pendrive.

All the guide mentioned above will surely help you to understand the data transfer logic between Pendrive and machine and the steps mentioned above will surely work. If you are using 2.0 USB then upgrade to 3.0 or above to get best results. Always buy good quality Pendrive and never forgot to chect Max. data transfer rate of the Pendrive your are buying.




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