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Increase laptop Battery Life [Top 5 Tips]

Since the invention of the computer, humans are trying to make their computing machine more and more powerful. When the first computer was invented, it takes a big room and a lot of power supply to run that computer. With the time, digital electronics developed and now we have mobile, laptop-like small and powerful devices which can do big calculations in seconds. Due to small in size these devices ran on battery. In average we get around 8-10 hours battery backup in mobile phones and in laptops, we get around 5-6 hours of battery backup. But, the problem arises when your battery backup suddenly decreased. This happens in laptops mostly as due to the installation of many softwares and services, users aren’t getting enough battery backup. Even in some cases, users aren’t getting 2-3 hours battery backup. In this article, we’ve shown the tip to increase laptop battery life and 5 tips to increase laptop battery backup.

There is a wide range of laptops in the market. Laptops are portable and deliver high-end performance to users. Laptop’s inbuilt features like WiFi, WebCam, Speakers, Bluetooth, Mic makes it a machine full of facilities. In this time laptop suffers from battery problem as we use a laptop for many works and its battery drains fastly. Many of hard-core gamers are having a serious problem with the battery. Many laptops in the market trying to prove that their battery is more powerful and provides the best battery backup. But the truth is that some users aren’t even getting 3-4 hours of battery backup even after doing small office work. This happens only when you’ve installed unnecessary softwares and plugged in unwanted devices to your laptop. Read the tips given below and increase your laptop battery life and battery backup. We’re sure that your battery backup will increase upto 1-2 hours using our tips.

Pro Tip To Increase Laptop Battery Life:

By laptop battery life, we mean how long your battery will work fine for you. Most of the users have to buy a new battery because thei8r battery o0nly provides 1-2 hours of backup. This happens because users haven’t cared much about laptop’s battery. In average a laptop battery should work fine for at least 5-6 years and this will only happen if you charge your battery properly. Read our pro tips below to increase laptop battery life.

Don’t overcharge your battery: Some users didn’t plug our their laptop’s charger when the battery is 100% charged. However, once a battery is 100% charged, the charger’s power supply is then used to run the laptop or power is cut off by the circuit. But, we recommend you to plug out the charger once your battery is charged fully. Maybe your battery is overcharging itself and decreasing its battery life. So, to increase laptop battery life, never overcharge your laptop.

Don’t Run Laptop In Warm Environment: If you’re using the laptop in the warm and hot environment like outside in the sun, we prefer you not to do that. It’s because it’s harmful to your laptop’s digital circuits and battery too. Heating always damages the digital things. Using laptop in pleasant temperature will increase laptop battery life as there will be no overheating.

Don’t Discharge Your Battery: If you want to increase laptop battery life, then you should charge your battery when your battery percentage falls down to 10%. Also, if you use your laptop occasionally or going for a long vacation, make sure you/someone is charging your laptop. If you don’t charge your laptop’s battery regularly, the battery will discharge and battery life will be decreased.

These are some tips to increase your laptop battery life. Now, let’s talk about methods to increase laptop battery backup. Below are some tips which will surely help you to increase laptop battery backup. Most users don’t know about the power management features in OS. We’ve covered all those things below.

Tips To Increase Laptop Battery Backup

Tip 1: Plug-Out Useless Devices Like USB, Keyboard etc.

how to increase laptop battery life

If you’ve plugged in some devices like keyboard, mouse, US etc. in your computer then consider removing them if you don’t use them regularly. Even an external Keyboard/Mouse receiver USB regularly eats up your battery to stay awake.

Devices like external hard drives, USB Pendrives etc should be plugged out immediately if not in use. Some users connect a lot of accessories with their laptop even if useless. We recommend you not to stay them plugged in if not in use. Doing this will increase laptop battery backup up to 5% which almost gives you a backup of around 20-30 minutes in avg.


Tip 2: Close Unnecessary Softwares/Applications

Many times we minimize application which isn’t necessary for us or not in use and those applications. Those minimized applications are also using your battery. This is also a reason that your battery drains quickly. So it is necessary that you should close all those applications which aren’t in use. This is also a good way to save your battery.

In modern operating systems, we can run a number of applications at once. This is known as multitasking but this needs more battery. It’s because RAM needs to store more data and processor needs to do more calculations. Hence, you might be draining your battery if running a lot of applications at once. Close all the applications if not in use rather than just minimizing them.

Tip 3: Use Windows 10 Battery Saver

Battery saver is the best way to save your battery life as its inbuilt feature which kills all the unnecessary processes in the background and helps you to improve your battery life. In windows 10 battery saver in automatically turned on as battery falls down below the critical point or the point set by you. You can also turn on it manually by Right Click On Battery>Turn On Battery Saver. It’s the best way to save your battery life.


how to increase laptop battery backup

However, when you’re using battery saver may applications in the background stops working ad Windows OS don’t allow them to work in the background when in battery saver mode. But, you’ll get more battery backup from your laptop using this feature. Turn on this feature while playing games or browsing the internet or watching a movie on the laptop.


Tip 4: Turning Brightness To Low Level

A very big part of the battery is used by your screen display. If your laptops screen display is very big, it’s obvious that it’ll take more power to display things to you. Increasing the brightness will decrease the battery backup. However, working on low brightness isn’t pleasant but while you’re not at home and need more laptop, turn your brightness level to as low as possible.

Use functions keys on your keyboard to control the brightness. It might be very hard for those who are using laptops in high external lights or in daylight but drop your brightness level to the point where you can read things on screen easily. This is really helpful to increase laptop battery backup.

Tip 5: Adjust Your Power Settings

Most of the users don’t know about this tweak in WIndows and MAC OS. YOu can change power settings in your OS so that OS will manage all the power in a very efficient way. We’ve shown you the best settings you should apply in Windows and MAC OS. DOing this will help you to increase laptop battery backup up to 1-2 hours.

For Windows OS:

  1. Open Control Panel and select Power Options.
  2. Now, chose the Balanced Power plan.
  3. Click on Change Settings under Balanced and change following things:
    Dim The Display: On Battery – 1 Minutes
    Turn Off The Display: On Battery – 2 Minutes
    Put The Computer To Sleep: On Battery – 10 Minutes
  4. Now, choose Change Advanced Power Settings option and expand Wireless Adapter Settings>On Battery and select Maximum Power Savings.
  5. Save all the changes and now your battery will be used by OS very efficiently.


  1. Click on Apple Logo>System Preferences and choose Energy Saver.
  2. Enable Automatically Graphics Switching.
  3. Turn off Display After: Set it to 1 Minute.
  4. Enable: Put hard disks to sleep when possible.
  5. Uncheck: Prevent Computer from sleeping automatically when displaying if off. or Enable this if you need this feature.

These are the best tips to increase laptop battery backup of your laptop. We hope that you’ll notice less usage of battery after using our tips. Comment down below if you have some queries or want to share your tip to increase laptop battery life and laptop battery backup.

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