How To Install Custom Fonts In Windows 10 For Free

Install Custom Fonts in Windows 10 Free
Custom Fonts in Windows

How To Install Custom Fonts In Windows 10

Windows 10 is currently latest build from Microsoft and comes preloaded with many stylish fonts but you might be missing some fonts from your old OS or if you need to install the font in your Windows 10 then this article will help you a lot with this How To Install Custom Fonts In Windows 10.

Different fonts have different texture, shape, and size. You can use your favorite fonts easily with Windows OS and can also install custom fonts that you need to use and is currently missing from Windows 10.

How To Install Fonts In Windows 10

Installing font in Windows OS is very easy. It can be done by following few steps as given below.

Download your required custom font into your PC and once it’s downloaded Right Click on the file (.ttf file) and click on Install.

How To Install Custom Fonts In Windows 10

When your installation is done, your Font is successfully installed in your Windows 10 PC. If you’re still not getting your font in your apps then you need to check whether it’s installed or not. To do so, you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. Press Windows+Q key and type Fonts and click on the first result.How To Install Custom Fonts In Windows 10
  2. Now you will be taken to your control panel under Fonts section and you will see all the fonts that are installed on your system.How To Install Custom Fonts In Windows 10
  3. Check for your font that you were trying to install in Windows 10. If it’s not there then you need to re-install the font on your PC.

If you’re still not getting your font installed on your system then try checking your Font file. Check whether it’s a proper Font file or not. Your font file might be corrupted for some reasons so re-download it and install it again in your system.

Once you have successfully Installed Custom Fonts In Windows 10 PC, open your text editor or Word Pad and select the font that you have installed previously. You can now use custom installed font on your Windows 10 PC.

What Is Font!!

Do you know the definition of font! The Font is a set of printable or displayable character in different size and style. Different fonts have different designs and styles. You can download many customs and good looking fonts from the internet and can install then in your WIndos PC. Steps given above are same for Windows 7, 8, 8.1.

Where You Can Download Fonts For Free!

If you need more stylish fonts for free you can download them easily from They have a huge collection of fonts and all are free of cost. Install them and use them to make your documents more stylish and good looking.

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