How To Install Kali Linux On USB To dual boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux

Install Kali Linux USB live boot kali linux
Install Kali Linux USB

Kali Linux is the best OS that is very useful for learning penetration testing, breaking into security and doing more ethical stuff and you can easily install Kali Linux on USB. Kali Linux is open source as all other Linux builds and that means anyone can change its codes and can make it according to their needs.

It comes with preloaded tools that are very useful for breaking security or testing your security level. All the tools that come preloaded are open source and can be modified according to your needs.

With all these features of Kali Linux, many users want to try Kali for learning penetration testing and learning ethical things. Installing Kali Linux on the hard drive and making your PC dual boot might be frustrating for many users but there is a solution to this problem. You can easily install Kali linux On USB and can boot into it anytime.

There are many advantages if you install Kali Linux from USB. Here the whole process is given below and is very simple and you can create bootable Kali Linux USB by following these steps.

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Advantages For Installing Kali Linux On USB

You might be thinking the advantages of installing Kali Linux from USB. There are many advantages that you will get by installing Kali Linux on USB.

  1.  The biggest advantage for installing Kali on Pendrive is that it’s portable. Portable makes it easier to use Kali anywhere and anytime.
  2.  There is no need to install Kali Linux on the hard drive and making dual boot your PC so you can easily dual boot windows 10, 8 or 7 and linux.
  3. Making Kali Linux bootable USB with live persistence will help you to save your all work easily. It will give you features like Linux installed on hard drive.

Things You Will Need To Install Kali Linux On Pendrive

Before getting started you need all the things given below.

  1. A USB with minimum 4 GB capacity.
  2. Kali Linux ISO file. You can download it from the official website of Kali.
  3. A small tool that will make your USB capable of booting into Kali.

Installing Kali Linux On USB

  1. First of all download and install Wind 32 Disk manager.
  2. Plug your USB into the PC/Laptop and backup all your important files because it will be formatted during the process.
  3. Open Win 32 Disk manager and select the USB where you wants to install Kali Linux.install kali linux on usb
  4. Now browse the ISO image file downloaded by you. You can select *.* in file type so that all the files will be visible for you and you can select Kali image file.install kali linux on usb
  5. Now click Write and this will give you a warning. Just click continue and this will start Writing and installing Kali on your USB. Wait till write process is complete.install kali linux on usb

This method is the simplest way to install Kali Linux on USB without doing anything complex. Now you need to follow the steps given below to boot into Kali Linux and start using Kali Linux from USB.

Booting Into Kali Linux Using Pendrive

  1. Restart your PC and enter into BIOS menu.
  2. Now boot from your USB.
  3. You will be now able to boot into Kali Linux. Select Live Pae mode or other modes under which you wants to use Kali Linux. We recommend you to choose the first option that is Live Pae mode.



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