JIO Flagship Offer Extended To 31st March 2018 With Jio Prime Offer


    JIO has extended its offer to 31st March 2018 and if you’re using Jio Sim then it will be the best news for you today. Jio has gained about 100 million customers in 4-5 months and currently Jio free data services are running on Happy New Year offer which provides you 1 GB data per day with full speed and 148kbps after using 1 GB high-speed 4G data. Mukesh Ambani says that Jio is reaching great heights are breaking records for gaining so many subscribers for their Jio sim. Indians are now using a huge amount of data like the USA. Mukesh Ambani also says that it’s a great opportunity to gain 100 million subscribers within 170 days which is a huge success. Looking at all these facts Ambani decided to launch a new offer called Jio Prime Offer.

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    What Is Jio Prime Offer

    Jio will be free until 31st March 2018 with a new offer called Jio Prime offer but it’s not totally free now and you have to pay a little fee for using this offer. This offer will be available to subscribe from 1st March 2017-31st March 2017 and you can pay for using this offer. This offer will be running until 31st March 2018 and all users who already have a Jio sim can subscribe to Jio Prime offer from 1st March 2017 and new users who will join Jio can also join this Jio Prime Offer. In fact, you can still pay for normal tariff plans currently launched by Jio for extra data services and all other services that are provided by Jio.

    How Much You Need To Pay For Jio Prime Offer?

    As I said above that Jio Prime Offer isn’t totally free and you have to pay a little fee to join and use this offer. There are fixed prices for all users in order to use this offer.

    You will have to pay Rs.99 to join Jio Prime Offer. Once you have paid them Rs. 99 you will be added as Jio Prime Offer subscriber and then you need to pay Rs. 303 per months to use unlimited data and call services. You will be provided 1 GB 4G data per day and after that, your speed will be decreased to 148kbps. It’s the offer with the same specification that Happy New Offer have but you have to pay a little fee for using Jio Prime Offer.

    A quick view at Jio Prime Offer

    JIO Flagship Offer Extended To 31st March 2018 With Jio Prime Offer

    Offer Name – Jio Prime Offer

    Fee To Join Jio Prime Membership – Rs. 99

    Fee To Use Free Data Per Month – Rs 303/month

    Offer Will Start From – 1st March 2017

    Offer Will Close On – 31st March 2017

    So, this offer is the best offer to use 4G services and hurry up if you don’t have Jio sim and thinking about joining Jio services because you can join Jio Prime membership from 1st, March 2017 to March 31st, 2017.

    Jio hasn’t properly announced that what will be the daily data quantity that will be provided for Jio Prime Members after 31st March 2017. It might be 1GB or maybe more according to subscribers amount and all facts on that Jio will look.

    If we look closer you will be getting 30GB data a month after giving Rs. 303 per month and that’s the cheapest plan ever.



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