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How To Make a Brochure On Microsoft Word

Brochures are the best way to display¬†your products or the service on a page that can be folded into a template. Mainly these are used for marketing purpose like there are many newspapers who distribute brochures of many companies for money and to promote the company. If you have a growing business and want to make it bigger by distributing the pamphlets or want to advertise something using the brochures then it’s a very good idea. Mainly graphic designers are using the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to make the brochures and they will charge very high for a good looking design. Even you’ll have to pay an amount for simply designed brochures. Not all people want to spend money on designing the pamphlets. Using MS Word we can create good looking brochures in few clicks. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to make a brochure on Microsoft Word.

In MS Word, users can even search for the brochures online. There are thousands of prebuilt templates and you just need to download then in MS Word and start making your pamphlet.

Those who need their custom design can manually create their own pamphlet using Word. We’ve shown the steps for both processes. Follow the guide given below.

Create Brochures in Microsoft Word (Custom)

By the custom design, we meant to say that everything will be designed by you from scratch.For some users, it might be frustrating to create a custom design for their pamphlet but uniqueness should be one of the most important things in business. Alternatively, you can read our second method as if you’re in a hurry, then use the pre-designed templates. If you need a simple/unique/custom designed brochure design for business then use this method.

  1. Open a new document in Word by Pressing Ctrl+N or File>New.
  2. Now, click on Page Layout tab and click Page Setup.create brochures in microsoft word
  3. Select the Landscape option there and click OK.brochures in ms word
  4. Now, select Columns under the Page Layout and choose Three Columns to make brochures in word
  5. It’s tricky to create a three-page custom brochure in Word. Fill the first section of the page. Means the first partition. Like if you just want some heading to be shown on the front page, then type your heading etc and keep pressing the Space key to get to the second page, and repeat the step to go to the third section of the page. Below is the screenshot for an example.example of a brochure

Using this way, you can create brochures in Microsoft Word. But, if this seems to be very complicated or time consuming for you then use our next method. We’ll be using the online templates here. Just download any of the templates from the list of thousands of the templates and create your brochure for free. But, you should have active internet connection in order to browse and download those templates. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download any template using the MS Word.

How To Create Brochures in Microsoft Word Using Online Templates

One of the biggest features of the online templates is that these templates are predesigned and users just need to download the template and start using it. Below are the detailed steps.¬†All the templates which are provided by Microsoft can be used for free. There will be no copyright issue over those templates but you need to replace the images on the templates with your own images. Don’t leave them to default as it’s also not good for your business also.

  1. First, click on File option and then choose New.
  2. Now, in the search box put “brochure” and click Search option.explore online templates
  3. You’ll get a number of brochure templates. Double click on any template and click on Download.
  4. Wait till the download is the template
  5. Now, after the download is complete, you’ll get a new page inside the Word.
  6. Now, replace the text and image according to your needs.
  7. You’ve successfully created a beautiful brochure in Word. Promote your business now.edit the template

This way to create the brochure on Microsoft word. But if you’re still having the problem in creating custom-made pamphlet design or using thousands of prebuild designs then comment down below. We’ll reply you back as soon as possible with a solution to your problem.

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