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How To Make A Graph In Excel Spread Sheet

Graphs are really very useful to show the data in a graphical way. If we want to represent the data in visual form, there is no better choice than using the graphs. There are many Softwares used to make graphs. We’ve previously written an article on how to make a graph into Word. Similarly, in this article, we’ll be showing you how to make a graph in Excel. Excel is used to represent huge data on the spreadsheets. Thousands of works can be done using Excel and huge data can be maintained using this software. But, consider that you’re giving a presentation to someone or sending an excel spreadsheet to your client/customer. Now, as we all know that sometimes it’s very boring and tough to compare the values written inside the spreadsheet cells. If you use graphs to represent the same data then it will be easy for others to read and compare the different data written inside the cells.

If you’re using the MS Word graph feature then you probably know the different types of graphs formats etc. Similarly, in Excel, there are many types of graphs format and you can use any of them as per needs. Mainly clustered columns and clustered bars are used for displaying a graph but there are many other formats like Pie, Stacked lines etc. used. In excel you can even use the 3D designed graph charts. There are a lot of choices but you need to know the basic steps to create a graph in Excel. Below is the detailed guide with pictures on how to make a graph in Excel.

It’s easier than you think to make a graph in Excel spreadsheet. Just select the cells whose data you want to represent in graphs and a graph will e created instantly.

How To Make A Graph In Excel

  1. Open an existing Excel spreadsheet or create a new one.
  2. If you’ve created a new spreadsheet then enter the data into the cells.
  3. Make sure that first row columns are the title of the cells in the same row so that graph bars can be automatically named by Excel.
  4. Once you’ve entered the data, select all the columns you want to turn into the graph.
  5. After this, you’ll get Quick Analysis button automatically on the screen or press Ctrl+Q.make a graph in excel
  6. Now, from the dialogue box appeared, select the Charts option and then choose the design you want to use.graph designs in excel
  7. Click on More Charts for more charts designs.change graph design excel
  8. Once you’ve selected the type of design you want to use a graph will be created automatically.
  9. Click on the Title of the graph and enter the name you want to to make a graph in excel
  10. After this, if you want to change the graph style, click on Brush icon and a new dialogue box will appear from where you can select the graph style and can also change the colors of the graph.graph designs
  11. To add more elements to the graph, select + icon and choose the element you want to display on the graph.graph objects excel
  12. You can even use the chart filters by clicking on 3rd option (funnel shape).
  13. Press Ctrl+S to save your spreadsheet and graph.

Some Extra Tips

Below are some useful tips you might found useful.

To Change Chart Design

  • To change the design of the chart quickly, click on the Design tab and then choose Change Chart Type.change graph type excel
  • Now, a dialogue box will appear and from that box, select the type of chart you want.

To Switch Rows/Columns

  • Make sure you’re on Design tab.
  • Click on Switch Rows/Columns option.

To Change Te Layout

  • In the design tab, select Quick Layout option.
  • Choose the layout you want to use.change graph design excel

We hope that you’re now able to make a graph in Excel. It’s very easy with a lot of customizations. This makes your insertion of the graph into Excel spreadsheet very easy. You have a lot of graph design choices, colors choices, and you can create graphs of different cells according to your needs.

You can create good looking and easy to read the graph in Excel to make your data presentation great. But, if you’re still having some problems or have queries regarding this article on how to make a graph in Excel then leave a comment down below. We’ll reply you soon with the answer to your question.

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