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How To Make A Graph In Word Document

Graphs are really very helpful to show the data in a good way. Using the graphs, it’s very easy to compare the difference between the data. Let’s assume that you’re the sales manager of the company and you need to give a demonstration of the increasing or decreasing sales according to the market situation. Now, it’s obvious that there are some there will be some values, months, sales group and so on in the data that you need to play in the demonstration. If you simply write the data in text form, it will be time-consuming to calculate the difference between the data. But, if you’re using graphs to display the data, it will be very easy to see the difference in the values. Graphs are generally used to demonstrate the values in graphical form. In Microsoft Word, users can easily create a graph. in this article, we will be showing you how to make a graph in Word document.

In Microsoft Word, users can easily create all types of business related things like users can make brochures using word, graphs charts e.g Columns graphs, Pie graphs, Bar graphs etc al can be designed within MS Word. There are all ranges of graphs in MS Word and users can easily select which one they want to insert into their Word document. The simplicity of MS Word is one of the biggest things that millions of users are using this Document maker software. When you create a graph in MS Word, you’ll automatically get an Excel sheet, then you need to type the data values in it which will be reflected on the graph. Users can insert a bunch of things into the graphs to make it more attractive and full of information. Below is the detailed guide so that you can make a graph in MS Word. We’ve tried to explain all the things which are useful to create a graph in Microsoft Word document.

How To Make A Graph In Word

We’ll now go through all the steps which are necessary to create your own beautiful graph in MS Word.

  1. Open MS Word on your PC/MAC.
  2. Now, click on File>New and select Blank page.
  3. Click on Insert tab in the toolbar and then choose to make a graph in word
  4. After this, a dialogue box will appear. Inside the box, you’ll get the list of Graphs type that you want to use in the document.
  5. Select the chart type, and then you can further choose the sub-design of the chart like Stacked Chart, 100% Stacked Chart, 3-D clusters chart etc.
  6. We’ll go through simple Clustered Column Chart. Select your own chart type and click OK.create a graph in microsoft word
  7. After this chart will be inserted into the document.
  8. An Excel Sheet will appear automatically, you can change the values displayed in the chart according to your word graph demo
  9. Once you’ve entered the right values inside the Excel sheet, press Esc or click on the Close button on the window.
  10. After this, you need to edit the heading or the name of the chart. To do this, double-click on the chart heading and then you can give the custom name to the chart.word graph types
  11. Once your chart name is successfully edited, you should try changing the colors and style of the bar.
  12. To do this, click on the chart first, then choose the Paint option.insert new elements
  13. Then select Style tab to change the style, and Colors tab to change the colors of the bar.edit the style of word graphs
  14. You can even add some more elements to the chart like Data label, Axis and so on. Click on the Chart and then select + sign. A list of available elements will appear.change or add the elements iin word graphs

Note: To re-edit the data of the chart, Right-Click on the graph and select Edit option. Excel sheet will appear and edit your data according to your needs.edit the graph values

This is the complete guide on how to make a graph in Word. The process is very simple and Word has all the elements available which are very useful in creating the graphs. All the visual effects which are used are available. So, there’s no need to download another software to make graphs.

Wet you’re able to make graphs in MS Word document. We’ve tried to give the step by step guide to make a graph in Word document. but, if you’re still having problems then comment down below. Also, if you have some queries regarding the MS Word graphs the comment down below.

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