Make Android Phone Runs Faster (Top 6 Steps)

Make Android Run Faster
Make Android Run Faster


Make Android Runs Faster :

If you are an android user then you might think that how you can make your Android phone run faster. Android user faces a problem that when you buy a new android phone then its performance is very good but after some time many of them turns into the buggy and a slow machine. This problem can have many causes and here at YouProgrammer we are sharing top ways by which you can boost your android mobile performance easily and surf it in more efficient and smooth way that will give your Android phone long life.

Tip 1 :- Always update your phone to latest builds.


As a pro user you should always update your android mobile to latest builds because many updates fix many issues with your phone and many of bugs are fixed, it is very useful to boost your android phone’s performance and that will Make Android Runs Faster.

To check updates for your mobile GoTo>Settings>About>Software Updates.

make android run faster

Tip 2 :- Uninstall Un-Necessary Apps 

Many android phones come with a lot of pre-installed apps and some of them are unnecessary. These apps use a lot of space and can also slow down your mobile in many ways. If you aren’t using those apps then you should uninstall then. You can also uninstall those apps that come preinstalled on your mobile phone. To do that GoTo>Settings>Apps>All and uninstall unnecessary apps.

Tip 3 :- Clear Your HomeScreen

Many of users use many Widgets in their homescreen and this is also a serious problem and this causes your phone kept hanging while unlocking it or pressing home keys as those widgets require more processing power. To avoid this just clear your home screen.

Some users like to use live wallpapers and this is another reason that your phone hangs. To avoid this use a simple wallpaper instead of using live wallpaper to Make Android Runs Faster.

Tip 4 :- Don’t Forget To Clear Cached Data

Cached data is the temporary files created by apps to store your information. Cached data is also helpful sometimes to open any app quickly but this isn’t same in many conditions.  Cached data sometimes requires more storage space on your phone and your apps may also become buggy due to a lot of cached data. To avoid this you should clear cached data regularly.

To clear cached data GoTo>Settings>Storage>Clear Cached data. OR GoTo >Settings>Apps>Tap On App and select clear cached data.

Tip 5 :- Use Any Antivirus

It is hardly recommended that you should use any Antivirus on your android smartphone as antivirus clears up malware from your mobile and make your Android Phone runs faster. Antivirus software can also be helpful to track your lost phone etc. You should get any popular paid antivirus from Google’s Play Store.

make android run faster

Tip 6 :- Hard Reset Your Mobile

If your mobile phone is not responding well then you should perform a hard reset to your mobile as doing this will remove everything. This is very helpful in many cases. Hard reset will remove all your apps and files from internal storage and will make your Android runs faster.

To perform hard reset GoTo>Settings> About>Hard Reset.

make android run faster


All the above tips are highly recommended to any android user to  Make Android Runs Faster keep his android phone more accessible and give it a long life.

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