Make Bootable Pendrive Using CMD For Installing Windows

Make Bootable Pendrive
Make Bootable Pendrive


Make Bootable Pendrive Using CMD For Installing Windows

Making bootable pendrive helps to install Windows or any OS through pendrive. Creating bootable pendrive is very easy process. You can use some software for this purpose but some softwares sucks and we sometimes they won’t work in order to make your pendrive bootable. So here we are showing you how you can make bootable penrive just by using CMD. There are few command lines using which you can make your pendrive bootable easily. Installation of windows need any bootable device where files of that OS is store and that storage device needs to be bootable so that system can boots into that storage device and you can install Windows or any OS easily.

A boot device is any piece of hardware that can read or contains the files required for a computer to start. For example, a floppy disk drive, CD-ROM drive, DVD drive, and USB jump drive are all considered bootable devices.

Below are the command lines with images so that you can make your pendrive bootable easily.


Step 1 :-

First of all open press Win+R and type CMD and press enter. This will opens up your command prompt.

Step 2 :-

Type “Diskpart” and hit enter. This will ask for administrator access. Click “Yes”.

Now type “list disk” this will shows up the connected storage devices to your computer.

Step 3 :-

After this type “select disk 1” and hit enter if “1” is your connected pendrive.

Type “clean” and hit enter. This will clean your pendrive.

Step 4 :-

Now type “create partition primary” and this will create partitions in your pendrive.

Type “select partition 1” and type “format fs=ntfs quick”. This will quick format your pendrive.


This will take some time.

Step 5:-

Now after format is completed type “active” and this will active your pendrive’s partition and your pendrive is bootable now.

Now type “exit” and you can use this pendrive to install any OS like Windows, Linux etc.

How do bootable flash drives work?

To boot from a bootable USB, you need to
 ► insert your USB drive
 ► restart/start your computer
 ► goto the boot selection menu through BIOS
 ► select the USB option in the boot device selection menu.
Same process is applicable to bootable CDs/DVDs.
There is a region in storage devices called boot sector which contains information to execute something in that device and thus boot from that device. The boot sector is present in the first sector of any device and the BIOS boots from that device using the information in the boot sector.
The process is nearly same for USB drives, optical discs and hard drive (The boot sector in a hard drive is known as Master Boot Record).
In case of USB devices, tools exist which installs SYSLINUX (an open source bootloader) in the boot record of the USB device. This makes the USB bootable. In CDs, ISOLINUX (a part of SYSLINUX project) is used. Most tools to make the USB bootable requires the USB drive to be formatted in FAT filesystem as SYSLINUX supports FAT. Once the bootloader is installed, the data of the bootable stuff is copied to the USB drive an entry(depending on the bootable stuff) to a SYSLINUX CONFIG file is made which contains information on how to execute that bootable stuff.

From above Steps you can Make Bootable Pendrive Using CMD For Installing Windows

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