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How To Make Labels In Word Document

Labels are very important if you’re writing a mail or sending any object to someone. If you want to put the address on the page, then it should be written on the label. Like the Address to which the Mail Object to send and the address to which the item/mail to be returned back in case of failed delivery. Using the Microsoft Word, users can easily create a page with labels. There are many default templates designs and page divisions available in WOrd but users can create their own custom designed label in Word easily. Microsoft Word is very easy to use and we can create almost everything which is related to the office or business work like we can make graphs in Word, brochures, and much more. Similarly, we can create labels in Word easily. In this article, we’ve shown the process on how to make labels in Word document.

The flexibility of Word is one of its biggest features. We can easily set size and type of the labels and even we can select from many predesigned vendors. By we mean that Word has some of the built designs for the labels which can be inserted into the document in one few clicks. But, if those default vendors didn’t fulfill your demands, then you can create your own custom design easily.

Read the detailed steps given below. We’ve tried to explain every single sped with pictures so that there will be no confusion during the process.

Make Labels In Word Document, All Versions Of Word

In Word, there are many types of labels offered by default. Dimensions of these vendors are predefined by Microsoft and usually, these vendors are used. If you just want to make simple labels in Word document, then these default vendors are the best choice for you. In fact, not only the simple vendors but there are many types of shapes, sizes vendors offered by Microsoft Word. You should definitely check them out. In case, if your requirements are not fulfilled by the default available vendors, you can follow the next guide in this article. We’ve shown in the next step that how you can make custom labels in Word.

  1. Create a New Document in MS Word.
  2. Now, click on Mailings tab.
  3. Choose Labels to option from the list and then a dialogue box will on mailing and labels
  4. Then click on Options button and then again a new dialogue will appear.make a label in word
  5. Click on Label Vendors and select the type. The default is Microsoft.
  6. Choose the product number, e.g different product numbers have different labels to make labels in word
  7. Now, click on New Document.labels in word
  8. A new document Window will appear with the layout of the label that you’ve selected.
  9. Edit the labels according to your needs and then press Ctrl+S to save the document.

This is the simplest way to make labels in Word but it’s obvious that default available Vendors will not fulfill the requirements of all the people. Some users will definitely need a custom size of the label. As we’ve mentioned above that it’s possible to create a new label with the custom design. Below are the detailed steps to do this.

Make New Custom Labels In Word Document

  1. Open a new document and click on the Mailing tab.
  2. Now, choose the Labels option from the options menu and a new dialogue will appear.
  3. Click on the New Label option.custom label design
  4. In the new dialogue box appeared, you need to enter the values, means the dimensions of the new label.enter custom design properties
  • Top Margin: The space between the first line and the border of the label.
  • Side Margin: Space between the ending of the lines and side borders of the label.
  • Vertical Pitch: Space between the top label and the top edge of the label underneath.
  • Horizontal Pitch: The space between the side edge of a label and the side edge next to it.
  • Label Height: The height of the label.
  • Label Width: Width of the label.

We able to make labels in Word easily by following the steps we’ve shown in this article. If you’re designing a custom label ten make sure that you’re setting the correct dimensions of the label. Users who are still having a problem in making the label in Word should comment down below with their problem. We’ll then comment down below and we’ll reply you soon with the solution to your problem.

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