Best Manybooks Alternatives (Sites Like Manybooks)

About Manybooks: Manybooks has a database of more than 50000+ ebooks which you can download for free. Not only download but it also gives you option to read those ebooks online so the burden of downloading an additional ebook reading software will be removed. You can find you beloved ebook on Manybooks using the search bar and by searching for the author, title as well as the keyword. You can also discover plenty of new ebooks using its discover option and browse over some interesting genres.

All you need is a working, as well as a high-speed internet connection to access any ebook at Manybooks.

However, if this site is not working anymore? due to copyright issues! or maybe the site is down temporarily but you don’t wanna wait to read your favorite Ebook, then here are some of the best alternatives to Manybooks which you will enjoy surely.

So, don’t worry if, Manybooks is not working anymore? or maybe you want to try some other sites like Manybooks then here are some of the best Manybooks alternatives which you should try:

1. Ebookee


If you love reading books but don’t wnna pay for it then Ebookee got your back covered. It has thousands of ebooks of various variety which you can download for free. You can choose from various programming related books such as Java, C, .net etc. It has a huge database of many other kind of ebooks as well such as Engineering, Medical, Business and many others.

2. FreeBookSpot


By the name itself you can tell that this site is a perfect spot to download free ebooks, so it is. FreeBookSpot provides you thousands of free ebooks from various categories. You can search your favorite ebook either by the title, or the language. You can further filter the list by popularity, published date, or by category as well. This can be a great Manybooks Alterntive site to use.

3. Free Ebooks


Using Free Ebooks you can download many interesting, latest as well as plenty of your choice of ebooks for free. You can also publish ebooks on this site which you have on your own currently and contribute to the site.

4. Torrentfunk


Torrentfunk was launched in 2011. It features various torrent files for downloading Movies, Music TV Series, Ebooks, Animes, Software, and lot of other torrent stuff. So, if you are looking for Ebooks to download for free then this is one of the sites like Manybooks which you can use.

5. Kickass


There is no doubt that this site is an alternative to Manybooks. Kickass is known to be one of the oldest and popular torrent download sites. It has ton of torrent content which you can browse and download. It gives you opportunity to download torrent file of any Movies, Games, Apps, Music, TV shows, Software and many others.

6. Torlock


Torlock provides you quality movie torrents and many other torrent files of various categories such as movies, anime, ebook, TV etc. You can download any torrent file right away without any issue. On site’s interface it also tells you the health score of any torrent files so you can determine how active that torrent file.

Final Words:

As you already know that some of the above given Manybooks Alternatives sites contains are not properly copyrighted, thus they can be taken down anytime, also it may happen that those sites like Manybooks will not open because they are maybe blocked by your ISP, so in such cases you should always use a VPN or an online proxy site. Using an online proxy site you can access almost any Manybooks alternative you want.

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