Most Famous Female Pogrammers in History so far

female programmers working

If you a programmer or starting out as a programmer and you are a girl/women as well, then you must be wondering about those great female programmers and who they are, then here are some of the most famous female programmers which can inspire you to keep working on your programming skills and become one of them one day.

 female programmers working

1. Ada Lovelace

It is impossible to talk about programming without mentioning this person. Everything is simple, computers, and programs would not exist if it were not for this lady. The only daughter of the poet George Byron and Anna Byron, oddly enough, wasn’t talented in poetry. She just wasn’t into it. In this family, it was the opposite. The girl had lots of passion for the logic of mathematics, like her mother. Ada was born in 1815 when a scientist woman was a rare thing in the worldSoon after the birth of the baby, her parents divorced. Byron saw her only once because he soon left England forever. Mother Anna took up the education of her daughter with all the passion in the world. The best mathematicians of that time taught her. Ada was lucky in life. That time dictated that a woman of her position must marry a lord and have children with him, keeping an eye for their householdIt is quite common for a woman to be scientist right now, but in her youth, the girl did not want to marry; she just met the creator of the first ever computer. Babbage gave lectures, and Ada was asked to translate them for a foreigner. She spent a lot of her time at work while reworking and supplementing the gaps in Babbage’s scientific research. 

2. Hedy Lamarr

This is one of the most atypical people in the world’s history. Hollywood actresses of the 40s and 50s are associated with thoughtless, beautiful ingénuegoing from party to party and dating with the men of the golden age of the cinema. Australian-born Hedy Lamarr is not exactly one of those women. In between filming, the girl was actively engaged in the research of everything in the world. In many European countries and in Australia, the day of the inventor is celebrated on November 9, and as you can guess, this actress was born on this day. In the 40s, Lamarr and her friend patented an invention that remotely allows torpedoes to be controlled at long distances. The actress thought that it was necessary to create not just a communication channel that could be intercepted but a random code. This was a truly monumental breakthrough. Alas, the revolutionary system of Lamarr was not recognized immediately. However, 50 years later, this invention turned into what is today known as Wi-Fi. 

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3. Mary Lee Woods

When she was just a little girl, Mary showed extraordinary interest in mathematics. She was born in England, in 1924. At school, mathematics was the favorite subject of the girl; she constantly tried her best in solving various puzzles and riddles. Later, the choice of a specialty wasn’t a problem  Mary entered the University of Birmingham to give herself to science. The girl showed herself to be a great student, so they took her to work for a company that created commercial computers. The difference in these computers was that there was already a program in place that could do something on its own. With her husband, Mary worked with Manchester computers for a long time, fulfilled the needs of the military, stood at the origins of creating the first commercial PCs. But there’s more to her story. She gave birth to a son, Tim Berners Lee, who later became the discoverer of the Internet. Now it’s impossible to imagine your life without it, and we all owe our gratitude to this family. 

4. Ellen Hancock

This inspirational woman not only did a lot for programming and for computers in general. She also managed to occupy a leadership position and inspire others to do their best in the technological field. It is to her that we owe the fact that Steve Jobs returned to Apple to give us his best discoveries as the smartphones and laptops that the whole world is now using every single day. In the 90s, the company tried to create a revolutionary and convenient operating system, and Ellen stood at the head of this development. This woman took a bold step and offered to make the OS user-friendly. In the end, this is what changed the history of Apple and brought the company to unprecedented heights of success. To reach its goal, the company needed a product from NeXT, where the main genius of Apple worked at the time. As a result, Apple bought the company, and Steve became the leading inventor of the entire generation.