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MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF and Table

A shortcut key is a combination of some keys on the keyboard, and when we hit that key combination, an action will be taken. Just like if you want to copy something using Windows PC, you need to select the thing to copy first, then you need to press Right-Click>Copy. But, instead of following this long process, users can simply select the item and can press Ctrl+C on their keyboard. Then the item will be copied instantly. So, shortcut keys are the shortcut way to do something in the computer environment. An OS has its own shortcut keys and some software also has their own specified shortcut keys. The main reason behind providing the shortcut keys features to the users is simple, and that’s providing them a key combination, pressing which they can do something instantly. MS Word has many shortcut keys combination. So, in this article, you’ll get MS Word shortcut keys PDF and table with the explanation of those shortcut keys.

Microsoft Word has a lot of features and a lot of option. If we need to access any option in the MS Word, we need to select the option from the options menu. But, that’s very long procedure as for example if you want to double underline a line in MS Word, you probably need to select the underline option from the menu bar. You need to drag the mouse pointer to the option and then a click will double underline the word or sentence. But, if you use the Shit+Arro key wot select the text and then pressing Ctrl+Shift+D will underline the sentence in few seconds. Users can do many things just from the keyboard in MS Word. We have a complete list of MS Word shortcut keys PDF and a table.

MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF and Table

ms word shortcut keys pdf

MS Word Shortcut Keys [Ctrl Shortcuts]Description
Ctrl+ASelect All Items From The Document
Ctrl+BBold the text of a word or sentence or whole document.
Ctrl+CCopy Any Item From The Document.
Ctrl+DDisplay The Font Dialogue Box In Word.
Ctrl+EAlign your items to Center.
Ctrl+FUsing This Shortcut Key Will Display a Dialogue Box, Enter Your Text and Hit Enter to Tearch in the Document.
Ctrl+GIt displays the GoTo Dialogue Box, Enter Where To Go Quickly Inside The Document and Hit Enter.
Ctrl+HDisplays The Replace Dialogue Box, Enter The Word To Search and Then The Word To Replace With.
Ctrl+IGive The Italic Look TO The Text.
Ctrl+JFull Justification.
Ctrl+KCreate A Hyperlink On The Text. e.g URL on Text or Location.
Ctrl+LAlign Your Text To left (Left Alignment)
Ctrl+NCreate A New Document in Word.
Ctrl+OOpen A Dialogue Box To Browse And Insert A New File In Word.
Ctrl+PPrint Your Document. A Print Dialogue Box Will Appear.
Ctrl+RAlign YOur Text To Right Side. (Right Alignment)
Ctrl+SSave Your Document.
Ctrl+UUnderline The Text
Ctrl+VPaste The Text
Ctrl+XCut The Text.
Ctrl+YRedo The Last Undone Action Inside The Document.
Ctrl+ZUndo The Last Action
Ctrl+Shift+AAll Caps
Ctrl+Shift+LApply List Bullet
Ctrl+Shift+D Double Underline
Ctrl+Return Page Break
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste Format
Ctrl+Shift+KSmall Caps
Ctrl+= Subscript
Ctrl+Shift+GWord Count List
Ctrl+F1Task Pane
Ctrl+F2 Print Preview
CTRL+F3 Cut to the Spike
CTRL+F4 Close the window.
CTRL+F5 Restore the document window size
CTRL+F6Go to the next window.
CTRL+F7Choose the Move command
CTRL+F8Choose the Size command
CTRL+F9 Insert an empty field.
CTRL+F10 Maximize the document window.
CTRL+F11 Lock a field.
CTRL+F12 Choose the Open command
CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Insert the contents of the Spike
CTRL+SHIFT+F5Edit a bookmark.
CTRL+SHIFT+F6 Go to the previous window.
CTRL+SHIFT+F7 Update linked information in a Microsoft Word source
CTRL+SHIFT+F8 Extend a selection or block
CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Unlink a field.
CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Unlock a field.
CTRL+SHIFT+F12Choose the Print command
CTRL+ALT+F1Display Microsoft System Information.
CTRL+ALT+F2 Open command (File menu).
MS Word Shortcut Keys [ Shift Shortcut Key Combination]Description
SHIFT+F1Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting.
SHIFT+F2Copy text.
SHIFT+F3Change the case of letters in Word.
SHIFT+F4Repeat a Find or Go To action Easily.
SHIFT+F5Move to the last change.
SHIFT+F6Go to the previous pane.
SHIFT+F7Choose the Thesaurus command
SHIFT+F8Shrink a selection.
SHIFT+F9Switch between a field code and its result.
SHIFT+F10Display a shortcut menu.
SHIFT+F11Go to the previous field.
SHIFT+F12Choose the Save command.
MS Word Shortcut Keys Starting From AltDescription
ALT+F1 Go to the next field.
ALT+F3 Create an AutoText
ALT+F4Quit MS Word
ALT+F5Restore the program window size
ALT+F6Move from an open dialog box back to the document for dialog boxes.
ALT+F7Find the next misspelling or grammatical error.
ALT+F8Run a macro.
ALT+F9Switch between all field codes and their results.
ALT+F10Maximize the program window.
ALT+F11Display Microsoft Visual Basic code.
ALT+SHIFT+F1 Go to the previous field
ALT+SHIFT+F2 Choose the Save command
ALT+SHIFT+F9 Run GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from the field that
displays the field results.
ALT+SHIFT+F10 Display the menu or message for a smart tag.
ALT+SHIFT+F11 Start the Microsoft Script Editor
MS Word Function KeysDescription
F1Get Help
F2Move text or graphics.
F3Insert an AutoText
F4Repeat the last action
F5Choose the Go To command
F6Go to the next pane or frame.
F7Choose the Spelling command
F8Extend a selection
F9Update selected fields.
F10Activate the menu bar.
F11Go to the next field.
F12Choose the Save As command

MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF Download

If you want to download an offline copy of these shortcut keys, click the links given below. These are the PDF files of these Shortcut Keys.

MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF

MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF (Starting From Shift)

MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF ALT Keys

MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF [Starting From ALT]

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