How Much YouTube Pay For 1K Views and How Does It Pay (Full Explanation)

How Much Youtube Pays For 1k views
Youtube 1k views


How Much YouTube Pay For 1K Views!

YouTube is the biggest platform to share your videos with the world. There are millions of YouTube channels and millions of videos. YouTube is also the second biggest search engine and receives billions of views. So, it’s the attractive place to share your videos with the world. Many YouTubers are making a large amount of money by sharing their videos with the people. YouTube pays very well to their contributors.

How does YouTube Pay To Their Contributors?

As its a big question among those who spent their most of the free time in watching videos on YouTube that how much YouTubepays to their contributors for uploading their videos on YouTube or how much they get per 1000 views.

But youtube didn’t pay for views they pay for ads clicks that are done while watching your videos on YouTube. In simple – YouTube didn’t pay contributors for views.

If someone uploaded a video on YouTube and didn’t enable monetization (Feature to link youtube with AdSense to show ads on your videos) on that video then contributor will not receive a single cent as no videos will be displayed on his/her video and YouTube will not pay anything to the uploader.

How Much Will You Earn In Average From 1000 Views On YouTube?

As we said above that youtube will not pay you for views you receives on your video. They only pay for clicks that are made on your video by random watchers. In average a video having 1000 views can make 50-100 ads clicks and the average CPC (Cost Per Click) on youtube is about 0.01- 1 dollars and each click have different CPC rate. Let’s assuming that you receive 1000 views with 100 ads clicks and this will make you 1 dollar. In short, averagely youtube pays 1 dollar per 1000 vies to their contributors.

CPC From India


How Is CPC Decided On YouTube Ads?

CPC (Cost Per Click) is different on every click. It depends on the country and on advertisers. If advertisers spend more money for advertising on YouTube and if their ads will be shown in your video then you will make a good CPC rate. Most of the countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia etc. have low CPC rate and the average is about 0.01-0.1 which is a very low amount. So, if you are receiving most of the traffic from these countries then your CPC rate will be low. It’s not same in all cases, as I said it depends on advertisers efforts to spend money on advertising. Maybe your video shows ads from those advertisers who are spending more money for advertisement.

How Much YouTube Pay For 1K Views
CPC from USA

Countries like the USA, Canada have high CPC rate because advertisers from those countries spent more money for their ads. If you receive views from those countries then you will make a good CPC rate.

Does YouTube Pay For Subscribers?

How Much YouTube Pay For 1K Views

Many users might be thinking that does youtube also pays for the subscribers count you have or not. The answer is NO. YouTube only pay for ads clicks and nothing else. Each click has different CPC rate and it’s decided by some facts like country, video type, channel and much more. Subscribers are just for community and support to the channel. More subscribers mean more views because subscribers receive notification from YouTube channel as channel uploads a new video.

Can You Control You CPC Rate?

If you have YouTube channel and an approved AdSense account and you are getting low CPC rate and might be thinking to increase CPC rate by applying some tricks. But you should know that CPC rate is totally decided upon where your video is being watched and the rate of any ads which an advertiser is spending for per click. If you apply the block to some advertisers then it will not increase your CPC rate, in fact, the ads count on your video might be decreased by blocking some advertisers.

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