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How To Multiply In Excel Spreadsheet

Doing calculations in Excel is very easy and we can perform any type of calculation on numbers inside the cells very easily. One of the biggest advantages of Excel calculations is that we can create our own custom formulae so that it becomes flexible to perform the calculations in the spreadsheet. We’ve previously shown how to subtract in Excel and we’ve used our own formulae to subtract the values contained in the different cells. This shows the flexibility of mathematical calculations in Excel. There’s a formulae bar inside the Excel spreadsheet software where we can type the formulae for a cell and the result will e showed inside the cell where we’ve applied that formulae. In this article, we’ve shown the complete guide on how to multiply in Excel.

We can either calculate the values of the two cells or more cells inside a row or can multiply values contained in different rows and cells throughout the spreadsheet. This means we can call the value from any cell throughout the spreadsheet and perform the calculations. This is called multiply by reference in Excel and we just need to write the name of the cell in the formulae and value inside that cell will be calculated as per needs. in Excel, the formula starts from = and the sign of multiplication is *. This means f we want to calculate the two values we need to type =A1*A2 and A1 and A2 values will be calculated.

In Excel, there’s the GUI interface to apply the formulae on the cells but those are limited to high-level calculations and there’s no special option for multiply the cell and we need to write the formulae on our own. We’ve shown the complete process on how to multiply in Excel down below in this article Read the full article to know more.

How To Multiply In Excel ( Multiply Two Numbers In A Cell)

In this method, we’ll be multiplying two values inside the cell. These values are not related to any other cell.

  1. Click on any cell where you want to multiply.
  2. Now, click on the formulae bar and type the formulae.
  3. Formulae: =(70*80*2).multiply in excel
  4. Then press enter and the result will be shown inside the cell.

Using this way you can multiply the random numbers n the cell easily. But, if you want to calculate the numbers of different cells then follow the next steps given below.

Multiply The Values Of Different Cells In Excel

  1. Click on the cell where you want to display the result of the multiplication.
  2. Now, in the formulae bar, type (=B1*B2*B3) e.g the number of the cell whose value you want to to multiply in excel
  3. Then press enter and the result will be shown inside the cells. Now, if you change the values inside the B1, B2, etc. the multiplication result will be changed automatically.

Tip: While writing the formulae, you need to know the column or the cell number and it’s time-consuming to write every single cell number. So, to solve this problem type =( in the formulae bar and then press Ctrl key. Now, click on the cells whose values you want to calculate and those cells will be automatically inserted into the formulae bar. Now, replace the , (comma) with the multiple signs e.g *.multiply by reference excel

Using this way you can multiply in Excel. Just click on any cell, write the formulae and press enter to multiply the specific values or values of the different cells. The process is very simple and we’ve tried to explain every single thing in the article. If you’re still having some problem then comment down below and we’ll reply you with a solution.

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