NetFlix Alternatives – Best Movie Streaming Sites(Paid and Free)

Watching movies is the best way to spend your time with buttered entertainment. Netflix is one of the amazing platforms which provides you best streaming for TV programs, movies and on-demand programs as well. It becomes now the leading streaming site for quality streaming because it provides wide range of content with quality. Sometime it is not appropriate for you using the same streaming platform and there maybe several reasons to not using this, maybe your country doesn’t allow netflix, there maybe some limitations on Netflix features on your country and it has not that wide rage of stuff that you are looking for or you want to see something new with different interface, in that case you must be looking for same site/service like Netflix and for that we are showing you some of the best Netflix Alternatives.

1. Hulu

hulu netflix alternative

Hulu provides all the latest TV shows, New movies, kids shows and much more. All the content you get from here is in High quality. You can stream with Hulu on any device you want. It is totally advertisement free, however, you have to buy a subscription plan in order to use its streaming service. But if you are willing to take a trial then you are good to go, just to go with start Your Free Trial button and choose from its three plans. You will have plans with $11.99/month, $7.99/month and $39.99/month. The plan with $39.99/month gives you trial for 1 week so if you want to take 1month trial then you can go for plan with $7.99/m. You can see all the features that every plan provided along with each of them.

2. Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV comes with the concept of providing streaming service directly through popular TV channels. You won’t miss your TV if you are streaming with Sling TV. This is not only about movies streaming, Sling gives you streaming in categories like Movies, Sports, News, Comedy, Kids, News and Entertainment. Sling is not available in other countries. This service is only based on US and works inside only US region. You can stream with SLing on various devices. You can take 7 days trial. The plan starts from $20/month.


acron tv

The world of British streaming is here. Acorn TV has a huge collection of British shows which are popular around the world. There are many British shows which are famous like Queer as Folk, Holy Flying Circus, and Outnumbered, and they can be easily watched/streamed in a non-British region like US, Canada etc. This site is always updated with all the new and latest episodes and programs that you will love. You can also take a week trial. It is available on almost every platform such as PC, Laptop, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, web and more. Also, this is pretty cheaper as compared to other streaming services, starts with $4.99/month.

4. Hallmark Movies Now

hallmark movies now

Basically, Hallmark Movies Now is an on-demand streaming video service which comes from Feeln and it offers you Movies, and TV shows/series online. You can start streaming anytime you want using any device. This site works only in United States, Hawaii, and Alaska but if you don’t belong to this region then you can try other Netflix Alternatives given here. It Plan starts with $5.99/month however if you take a year subscription plan then it will charge you $2.99/month and $35.99/year the only advantage for taking monthly plan that you can cancel it anytime. Sadly there is no trial available but you should give it a try.


hbo now

HBO have best Hollywood movies of almost each category that you would like to see and probably its very popular so you maybe watching HBO on your TV but you like watching HBO on your cable TV but don’t want commercials between or you are frustrated because your operator having problem issuing the channel on your TV then you must try this site. This will give you full freedom so you don’t have to be sitting on one place to watch HBO. HBO NOW gives you streaming anytime on any device. You just need a subscription plan to stream with HBO NOW. The plan starts from $14.99/month that you will be paying after taking 1-month trial. You can use this on various devices like Phone, Computer/laptop, Tablet, or TV.


6. Popcornflix

popcornflix site

Free Streaming site is hard to find mostly when we are talking about Netflix here, but this is something that you can probably use instead of netflix and the major reason can be, because it’s free and Watch free movies and TV shows here. On the home page you will have only two categories simple and easy way, so just pick any or both from TV or Movies category. You will not get latest or newly released movies instantly here and it can take some time to appear on site but you should use this site because it is a free service and you are not loosing any money here.

7. Crackle

crackle site

Crackle is another free platform for streaming TV shows, Movies and Online series. You can choose from various movies and TV shows to play however you will not have that much stuff as Netflix but its good enough to replace a paid streaming site. Register for free then sign in to start streaming by searching on site or by looking through categories.

8. Fandor

fandor movies site

Fandor has a huge collection of movies and News that can be used as netfilix alternatives. You know that old movie are hard to find but here you can watch various old to latest movies of diiferent genres. Watch newly released movies through its new releases section. Take 14 days trial with $10 starting a month. Along with movie streaming, this site is very informative as well. You can check about Cast and Crew, Genres, Festival and Awards and even read articles about that particular movie that you are about to stream.

9. Tubi TV

tubi tv site

Tubi TV is worth 5 start in the list of free movie streaming site. It has really huge databse of movies. Being a free streaming site sometimes not gives you such really worth time spending stuff but this site has something for everyone. You can Choose from a variety of movie categories to play any of your likable movies. It also has a category named Not on Netflix where you can find those movies which are not available on Netflix. Not even movies you can watch TV Shows as well and here are some content for kids also on Kids shows section. We are not saying that this site can extremely fulfil you streaming needs but atleast this is free and you will not get Frustrated using this. You can watch it anywhere, anytime on any device. This site doesn’t charge you money so you can have some ads between streaming and that is how they keep this amazing site up and running.

10. Youtube

youtube movies

Considering Youtube as a Netflix alternative can look little strange but the when we are taking a look at some site same as netflix but free, then Youtube is one of them. With a wide range of content it becomes 2nd largest search engine on internet after Google. So you can determine how much videos it has. When it comes to watching movies on youtube then you can have a lot of movies there, however, it can not provides you latest movies and mostly movies that are uploaded by other youtuber are free but some of them which are pretty popular can be paid sometimes. The best part about youtube is there is no such limitation on caytegories, so you will see numerious videos of different categories. Everyday there are millions of videos are uploaded on youtube so it has such huge database which you can use to entertain yourself.

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