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Download and Install NetGear Genie Windows 10

NetGear routers are used by routers are one of the most used WiFi routers worldwide. It’s because of its performance and features. The performance of these routers is very well. Also, the designs of these routers are unique and look very different. One of the awesome features NetGear provide is Genie app which is very useful to manage all the router related settings. This app can be used to manage and monitor all the things going with the router. There’s no need to use the web browser to change the settings of your NetGear router. You can do this using a single app which is available for Windows OS and MAC OS too. Also, the mobile version of this app is available for Android and iOS. Hence, it’s very handy and useful app. In this article, we’ll show you: “how to download and install NetGear Genie Windows 10

Netgear Genie Windows 10 and NetGear for MAC OS are having the similar user interface. Hence, by reading this article you can have the basic idea and features about NetGear Genie. The purpose of this application is to provide users a simple and easy to use interface to manage NetGear router settings and other stuff.

If a user wants to change the router settings he’ll have to use the web browser, then enter the login URL address for the admin panel, then his Netgear default password. After completing all these steps he can access the router’s admin panel to change the router settings. But, Genie app solves all these problems. Now, there’s no need to use any browser to manage your router as genie app for Windows 10 will easily help you managing and changing whatever you want to do with router’s settings.

Features Of Genie App: Windows 10, MAC

Let’s talk about the features of genie app. We’ve talked above about the importance and usability of genie app for Windows 10 and MAC. Now, we’ll list some of the amazing features you can access using Genie app.

  • If you want to know how much internet speed you’re getting, then Genie app will be very useful for you. It can tell you the Download and Upload speed.
  • Changing the default password, SSID, and other WiFi network related setting can be changed quickly using Genie app for Windows 10.
  • You can create a guest network if there’re few relatives or guests in your home. It’s a very useful feature you can use in Genie.
  • Parents can set the parental control to limit the WiFi access or blocking few websites.
  • Upload and Download stats and other network related analytics are shown in Graphs.
  • Users can update the firmware to the latest version if the firmware update is available. It can be done using Genie app easily with one click.
  • Ping requests can be done using Genie app, Trace Route, DNS lookup and Computer profile. All things are inside the Genie app.

These are the amazing features app you’ll get in Genie app for Windows 10 and MAC. To access these features you’ll have to download and install the app in your Computer. Below is the guide to download and install the Netgear Genie Windows 10. We’ve also shown little guide on using this app.

Download and Install Netgear Genie Windows 10, MAC etc.

To use genie app, you need to download and install it on your system first. We always recommend our readers to download apps from the official website of the provider. Below is the link to download Genie app for Windows 10, MAC, Android and iOS. These files will e downloaded from NetGear’s official servers. We don’t host these apps on our servers.

But, before downloading the Genie setup, you should be aware that this isn’t supported with all the NetGear routers. This is due to the fact that old router’s firmware isn’t compatible with this app. Find your router in the list given below. If it’s there, then download the genie app from the links given below.

Wi-Fi RoutersDSL Modem GatewaysCable Gateway
Router: AC1450Modem: DGN2200BGateway: C7000
Router: Centria (WNDR4700, WND4720)
Modem: DGND3700BGateway: C6300
Router: JNR101Modem: D3600Gateway: C6250
Router: JNR3210Modem: D6000Gateway: C3700
Router: JR6150Modem: D6100Gateway: C3000
Router: JWNR2010Modem: D6200Gateway: N450
Router: R6050Modem: D6000
Router: R6100Modem: D6200B
Router: R6200Modem: D6300
Router: R6220Modem: D6300B
Router: R6250Modem: D6400
Router: R6300Modem: D7000
Router: R6400Modem: D7800
Router: R6700Modem: DGN1000
Router: R6900 Modem: DGN2200v3
Router: R6900 Modem: DGN2200v4
Router: R7000
Modem: DGND3700v2
Router: R7500Modem: DGND3800B
Router: R7800 Modem: DGND4000
Router: R7900
Router: R8000
Router: R8300
Router: R8500
Router: R9000
Router: WNDR3400v2
Router: WNDR3700v3
Router: WNDR3800
Router: WNDR4000
Router: WNDR4300
Router: WNDR4500
Router: WNR1000v2
Router: WNR1500
Router: WNR2020
Router: WNR2020v2
Router: WNR2000v3
Router: WNR2200
Router: WNR2500
Router: WNR3500Lv2
Router: WNR612v2
Router: WNR614

Netgear Genie Download Links Windows 10, MAC etc.

Windows PC  MAC  Android  iOS

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the Genie app for Windows 10, MAC or Android or iOS. You can use all the features we’ve listed above. Now, you should read the steps to use the features we’ve listed above.


Using Netgear Genie App Windows 10 (Same interface For MAC Users)

Let’s have a look about some of the Netgear Genie Windows 10, MAC, Android and iOS features.

Check Internet Speed Test:

  1. Open Genie app and click on Internet option.
  2. Check Upload box to know upload speed, to know the download speed, uncheck the Upload option and enable Download check box.genie download windows 10

Router Settings: SSID, WiFi Password, Firmware Upgrade etc.

  1. Run Genie app on your Windows 10 PC.
  2. Click on Router Settings option and from here you can change Network settings.
  3. To create guest access, click on the guest tab.netgear genie windows 10 download
  4. If there’s a router’s firmware update available, you can download it from ROuter update tab.

Setup Parental Control

If you want to set parental control on your router, you can do this by opening the Genie app and click on Parental Control option. Then you can follow the on-screen guide to set parental control on WiFi network.netgear genie windows 10

Network Support Tools

From the network support tab, users can find computer-related information, can pin a website or have a DNS lookup on any IP address. Users can even use Trace Route feature from this tools menu. it’s amazing Netgear Genie Windows 10 feature. Right!genie for windows 10 download and guide


We hope you’ve successfully downloaded the Netgear Genie for Windows 10. We’ve provided the official download links and a simple guide about using the Genie for Windows 10 and MAC OS. If you’re using Genie in Android or iOS device, the process to change the router settings or accessing the features are same. But, if you still have questions or having an error in downloading the Genie, comment down below and we’ll try to help you.

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