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Download and Use Notepad++ Spell Check Plugin

When we want to type a letter or a message to someone using the computer, we probably need to use a text or the document editor. Now, it’s obvious that while typing the message or any article, there will be few spelling errors caused by the keyboard errors or by the user itself. Now, if we don’t use any spell checker, it’ll become very time consuming to find the spelling errors user has done while typing. MS Word has the inbuilt spell checker and many other document makers have their inbuilt spell checker. But, Notepad++ don’t have this feature as an inbuilt feature. Notepad++ is used by programming nerds and people relates to web development and those who are related to programming word. There are a lot of important features Notepad++. has in it. There are a lot of plugins available which can increase the usability of this text editor. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to download and install Notepad++ spell check Plugin.

Spell check plugin will be used usefully for you in many ways if you use Notepad++ to type your text messages etc. There is few spell check plugin available for Notepad++ and we’ll be showing you the best one. The spell checker we’ll be sown you can detect the spelling mistakes and can show the word suggestions. The best part is that multiple languages are supported by this plugin and you can download those language packs to detect the spelling errors any language you’re typing using the Notepad++ text editor. So there’s no need to switch to a documents maker to write the article/message without any spelling mistakes. This can be done using the Notepad++ text editor itself. Follow the guide given in this article. We’ve shown the complete guide e.g downloading the plugin and installing it.

Notepad++ Spell Check Plugin Download and Install Guide

  1. Visit the download page of the plugin: plugin download notepad++
  2. Select the platform e.g 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64).
  3. Once you’ve downloaded the plugin .zp file, open it and copy the .dll file. Right-Click>Copy.
  4. Then browse to C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Plugins (Location where you’ve installed the Notepadd++ Text Editor.) and paste the .dll file there. e.g Right-Click>Paste. paste the downloaded plugin dll file
    (Administrator privileges might be asked while pasting the .dll file. Click on Continue button if asked)
  5. Now, open the Notepad++ text editor or relaunch it if already opened.
  6. Click on Plugins>DSpellCheck>Settings to open the SpellCheck plugin the dspellchecker plugin settings notepad++
  7. Click on Download Dictionary option and a new dialogue box will appear where all the available language dictionary packs will be shown. (Make sure you’ve active internet connection.)
  8. Select the Language and click Install the required language dictionary pack
  9. Selected language packs will be downloaded now. Wait till the download is complete.downloading language pack
  10. Once the download is complete, click on the language drop-down menu and select the language in which you’ll be typing your and use notepad++ spell check plugin
  11. Click Apply, close the dialog box.
  12. Start typing your text and if there’ll be any spelling mistake, the work misspelled will be highlighted in red color.
  13. Right-Click on that text and you’ll get the spelling suggestions for that text.notepad++ spellcheck plugin
  14. Select the appropriate suggestion.

This is the complete process to download and install the Notepad++ spell check plugin. The process s simple and many language dictionary packs are available which is a good thing. You can now type error-free article/message using Notepad++.

If you ever decided to remove the spellcheck plugin from Notepad++ then follow the guide given below:

  • Make sure Notepad++ is closed.
  • Browse the location where you’ve installed the Notepad++ and open plugins folder e.g C:\Program Files\Notepad++ \Plugins.
  • Click on the DSpellCheck.dll and hit delete or Right-Click>Delete.
  • Re-Open Notepad++ text editor and the spell check plugin is now gone from the plugins list.

We now hope that you’re able to install and use Notepad++ spellcheck plugin. We’ve shown the installation and uninstallation guide of the plugin and the process to install the language packs too. If you have questions regarding the process or have some questions/problem then feel free to comment down below. We’ll reply you soon with an answer.

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