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NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy and Other NVIDIA Processes

NVIDIA their user experience to limits. This graphics card maker company is providing the high-level gaming experience to their users as their graphics cards are really very powerful. They have companion application called GeForce Experience which is useful to update Graphics drivers, auto enhances the game settings and to record and share their gameplay with their friends. Once users have installed GeForce in their system, they get new services and processes running in the background eating up some memory. The worst part is that some of these processes are not important to most of the users. Processes like NVIDIA capture server proxy, NVIDIA streamer service etc. are running in the background after installing GeForce Experience. These processes aren’t harmful in any way. If you’re thinking that these processes are the result of any virus attack, you’re totally wrong. These processes are in fact running to improve your gaming experience.

But, the problem is that most of these processes aren’t even used by some users. People who only play the game for their own fun and don’t share/stream it with others should stop these processes as they aren’t used to them in any way. The problem with these processes is that they’re automatically started on startup and always kept running in the background. Hence, eating up your memory and processing power. It’ll actually decrease the gaming experience if these processes start taking very high CPU power.nvidia capture server proxy

NVIDIA Streamer Service and NVIDIA Streamer User Agent are used to stream your games from PC to NVIDIA Shield devices. So, if you don’t own Shield devices, then why you should let them eat your computer’s memory. These processes are totally useless for your and terminating them is recommended by us. You can easily disable these services using Service manager. We’ve shown the steps given below to disable NVIDIA Capture server proxy and another process which are totally useless for you without Shield Devices.

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Fix: NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy Memory Usage

It’s obvious that when Capture Server proxy is running in the background, it’ll be eating up your memory. We think that you don’t like your memory to be eaten by the useless process. So, we have a solution for you. Using the services manager, you should disable all the services which are related to NVIDIA and are useless for you.

Steps To Disable Useless Services in Windows OS:

  1. Press Win+R and type services.ms.
  2. Hit enter and services manager will appear. From here you can disable any service you want.
  3. Search for the NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy.
  4. Now, to stop it: Right-Click>Stop.
  5. You should also disable its startup type and set it to manual or disable. Once you’ve done these steps, this service will never start automatically until you want.nvidia capture stream proxy process running in background

Using the same steps above, disable all the unwanted services. but, we don’t recommend you to disable all the services related to NVIDIA. Most of the services are useful, like Network Service will fetch all the driver updates and if you disable this service, you won’t be able to get driver updates notifications.

Also, User Experience Driver Component is used to accelerate 3D graphics, GeForce Experience Service is used to provide all resources to GeForce application itself. Hence, disabling these services will get you in trouble. You should only disable Shield Devices related services only if you don’t have Shield device or not using it.

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Disable NVIDIA Processes on Startup

Startup programs in WIndows OS really eat up huge memory. Also, your PC boots slowly. In fact, you’re landed on desktop quickly but if have many startup programs enabled, your experience will suck. It’s because all the computer’s memory is being used by startup programs to start their processes and services. Hence, you can disable them to save your time and memory during the booting process. Even if you have many startup programs, those programs will run in background and software/game you’re running will not perform as it should because some memory is eaten by the background applications.

Press Win+X and select Task Manager. Or Right-Click on the Task Bar and select Task Manager.

  1. Now, click on More Details and all the processes will be visible to you.
  2. Select Startup tab, all the startup applications will be listed there.
  3. Select the application you want to disable. Like NVIDIA Backend.
  4. Click on the disable button at the bottom of the window.

This application will now never automatically started once you turn on your computer. Now, your next boot will be more quick and efficient. Disable all the startup applications you don’t think are useful to you.

We hope your confusion with some NVIDIA processes and services is cleared. These services are provided to enhance the user experience who have Shield Device. But, totally useless to those who don’t own Shield Device. hence, disabling these service will free some memory and processing power which can be further used for other work. If you’re still having some questions, comment down below and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

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