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NVIDIA GeForce Experience Won’t Open Problem Solved

GeForce Experience is really very useful application made by Nvidia. This application makes sure that your Graphics Drivers are up to date or not. Users can directly download the driver’s update using this companion application. GeForce experience can also optimize the game settings automatically so that users can play games in the best settings. Users can even record their gameplay and can share it with their friends. it can e used to connect to the gameplay community. Hence, GeForce is useful for those who are using NVIDIA graphics card. But, sometimes NVIDIA Geforce Experience won’t open and the user can’t use it. Many users have reported that GeForce Experience not opening and “Something Went Wrong. Try Restarting GeForce Experience” message is popped on the screen. Users who’re hard-core gamer really need GeForce to optimize and record their games. hence, it’s the serious problem with them. Even to update NVIDIA drivers, GeForce is very helpful.

So, to get rid of this problem we’ve shown all the possible fixes to this problem. Mainly this problem is raised due to a NVIDIA GeForce related service is stopped or isn’t running due to antivirus restrictions. Antivirus is built to protect the user in every possible way. but, sometimes antivirus programs block some features/access that is needed by the application to run properly. However, a message popped on the screen whether antivirus should provide full permissions to the application but users usually ignore those messages.

Also, sometimes NVIDIA services are stopped. These services are used by NVIDIA GeForce Experience to run. Service kept running in the background providing the required resources to the application to which it’s related. Hence, if NVIDIA service isn’t working or stopped, GeForce Experience will not open or work properly. So, there are many possible reasons behind GeForce Experience Won’t Open p[roblem. Follow the guide given below according to the sequence in which they are arranged. It’ll help you in fixing your problem properly.

Fix: NVIDIA GeForce Experience Won’t Open In Windows

Possible Reason Behind Your Problem:

  • NVIDIA GeForce Service Not Running.
  • NVIDIA Driver Isn’t Working.
  • NVIDIA Driver Is Outdated.
  • Problems With NVIDIA GeForce Experience Installation.

Tip: Before proceeding to the steps, you should restart your computer. Maybe your problem is just a flack. Hence, restarting your computer is wise.

Restart NVIDIA GeForce Service

As we’ve listed above that this problem can cause if your NVIDIA GeForce service isn’t running or stopped for any reason. You can check it using Service Manager in Windows OS. Sometimes, Windows services are disabled or stopped by 3rd party application or by firewall and antivirus program. Also, if the startup type of the application is set to manual, then NVIDIA GeForce service won’t start on its own after OS’s boot up. Hence, this might be reason behind NVIDIA GeForce Experience Won’t open issue.

  1. Press Win+R, type services.msc and hit enter.
  2. Now, services manager will appear and search for “NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service“.
  3. Check if it’s running or not. If it’s running: Click>Right-Click>Restart. And if it’s not working: Click>Right-Click>Start.
  4. Now, check whether startup type is set to automatic or not. To check: Right-Click>Properties and under Startup Type, select Automatic.
  5. Apply the changes and restart your computer.
  6. Open the GeForce Experience and check if it’s running or not.

Now, if GeForce is still not opening then you should follow our next method. GeForce Experience Won’t open problem isn’t occurred by the service not running issue. So, follow our next methods given below to solve NVIDIA GeForce Experience Won’t Open issue.

Uninstall GeForce Driver and Re-Install It

In this method, we’ll be reinstalling the GeForce Experience driver. Maybe your problem is caused by the GeForce Driver problems. So, it’s also recommended to Uninstall it and Install it back again. You need to do this using Device manager. In fact, you should have NVIDIA driver installation files to install it back again. but, when you uninstall any driver, restarting the computer will install the driver back again.

  1. Open Control Panel and select Device Manager.
  2. Now, navigate to Display Drivers and select NVIDIA Graphics Driver.
  3. Then Right-Click>Uninstall.geforce driver uninstall geforce is not opening
  4. Click yes on the warning message and once the driver is uninstalled, restart your computer.
  5. When computer restarts, open the device manager back and check if NVIDIA Driver is installed or not. if it’s not installed you need to download your NVIDIA Graphics Driver from here: www.nvidia.in/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-in
  6. Install it on your system and open GeForce Experience. It should open without having any error.

Still in NVIDIA GeForce Experience Won’t open issue! If following both the methods given above didn’t help you. Then you should follow our next method.

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Re-Install GeForce Experience on your System

Maybe your GeForce Experience installation goes wrong or due to virus attack, GeForce is not opening as its installation files are corrupted or damaged. Hence, you should re-install its latest version on your computer. There’s also the p[ossiility that version you’re using isn’t supported with the OS version you’re using. in WIndows 10 this problem is common as, after Windows updates, NVIDIA Graphic drivers and GeForce Experience stopped working. So, updating your GeForce to the latest version can help you to fix GeForce Experience won’t open issue.

  1. Download the latest version of GeForce from here: https://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download
  2. Now, uninstall the older version from your computer. Open Control Panel, select Programs and then choose GeForce Experience.
  3. Right-Click>Uninstall, now follow the on-screen guide and remove all the files and user data using the uninstaller.
  4. Once uninstalled, you should restart your PC.
  5. Install the latest setup on your system by following on-screen guide.geforce update
  6. Once installed successfully, open the GeForce, it should be working fine now.

We hope your problem GeForce Experience Won’t Open is now solved. But, users who’re still getting this error message while opening the GeForce should follow our last method to fix this problem. You can try updating the NVIDIA graphic driver manually.

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Update NVIDIA Graphic Driver

  1. Press Win+R and type control panel.
  2. Now, select device manager and expand Display Drivers>NVIDIA Driver.geforce nvidia wont open
  3. Right-Click>Update Driver. Select Manually option.nvidia geforce experience won't open
  4. Browse the location where your driver files are kept.nvidia geforce experience won't open
  5. Follow the on-screen guide and wait till the installation is complete.geforce experience not opening

Tip: Create a new user account and install Nvidia Driver software in that user account. If GeForce Experience successfully launched, then you should copy all your user files to the newly created user account. Then you can delete your old user account and enjoy using GeForce Experience.

Now your problem should be fixed. If still in trouble, comment down below with the solutions you’ve tried. Explain your problem in details and we’ll try to give you the possible fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience Won’t Open issue.

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