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How To Open Chrome Task Manager

Same as windows, Chrome has its own task manager to keep eyes on activities inside chrome browser. This feature can turn your whole experience of that time while you hanging between not responding processes. Sometimes opening more than 15 tabs work fine for you whereas sometimes only opening only 5 tabs can hang your browser. Similarly, installing too many extensions can affect your speed or the performance of your browser, but this not the case with every extension. Some extensions are very lightweight so that adding more than 10 extensions will not hurt your chrome performance whereas adding only 1 heavy extension can consume a lot of it.

Now the thing is, how to determine which tab or extension is consuming performance of your chrome browser. And Chrome Task Manager helps you in this case. You can see a list of your processes which is running on your chrome. Along with each process, chrome task manager gives you the detail of how much Memory, CPU and Network, that process is using.

During that time when your chrome browser is working way too slow while clicking processes, even the internet speed is good then this means, some of your processes taking the resource too much. And If you see any process(It can be a Tab or extension running which is enabled that time) which is consuming a lot of your CPU usages then that can be a problem for your chrome performance. But the good part is if you have access to Task manager then you can shut those processes down with a single click. Simply select the process on your chrome task manager which you want to be stopped.

To do that, first, you need to open chrome task manager only then you can move to further steps, follow below steps get access to google chrome task manager:

  1. Open your Chrome Browser.
  2. Click the three dots menu icon from the top right corner of your browser. From there a list of options will appear, select More tools.                                                                                                                                                       selecting more tools from chrome menu
  3. After selecting More tools from the option, a list of sub-option will appear. From that sub-list Select Task Manager.Select chrome task manager
  4. Now you will see Chrome task manager window will Popup. You can see the processes on Task manager from the perspective of Memory, CPU, Network. You can End any process you want just by selecting the desired process and click the End Process button.                                                                                                                          opening chrome task manager window

This is all, on how you can access chrome task manager window to get statistics of your running processes inside chrome browser.

Shortcut key to open Chrome Task Manager:

To open and access the task manager of chrome using shortcut key is simple, just press Shift+Esc key simultaneously. It will instantly open the task manager window.

In case of, when one of these given shortcut keys are not working then you can use the above method to open task manager manually.

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